Some thoughts on modern fighting games.

So here we are in 2013 and I have recently taken interest in a variety of fighting games, most would consider 2013 a bit late to the party as the fighting game genre was one of the first to take off. When I say I have recently taken interest in fighting games I am not saying before 2013 I never played any fighting games, in-fact quite the opposite is true. Prior to 2013 I owned many fighting games including but not limited to Soul Calibur, Smash Bros and Street Fighter. The difference between now and then is that I have started to take these games seriously.

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PSASBR – Lara Croft (2013) Moveset

Originally I planned to stop doing these movesets but after playing through the latest Lara Croft games I couldnt help but imagine how she might fit into all stars. As far as possible DLC goes she is one of the most likely candidates, this is because she comes from a recently released game and is undoubtedly a PlayStation All-star. Some people might argue that old Lara Croft deserves to be in the game more than the new one, Similarly with Dante there is just more reason to put the new one in as it would help market the 2013 game. Anyway I hope you enjoy my stab at a viable Lara Croft moveset :).

Lara Croft as she appears in the 2013 reboot.

If you have the time and money I heavily recommend getting hold of this game, having played through it recently I can safely say the developers definitely did a good job creating a back story for such a well known character.

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PSASBR – A Sorcerer Moveset

Some of you may be familiar with Soul Sacrifice by now, if not it’s a recently released Japanese Vita game making its way to us western gamers tommorow. I for one am looking forward to its release so after some thought here’s a moveset for your enjoyment. As always I do this for my own enjoyment and don’t expect much if anything to come of this. Unfortunately I only have the demo and Youtube videos to go off of, despite this I know the mechanics pretty well so this is by no means an under-thought moveset. There is only really a few characters to use from the game but for the moment I will generalize this moveset to ‘A Sorcerer’, the generic name given to a player if he/she doesn’t input their own. Despite being a generic customizable character he does have a specific look as shown below.

Here is ‘A Sorcerer’, as he appears in art provided for the game.

If you want to learn about this game download the demo on your vita or look up some videos on Youtube, I heavily recommend DigitalPulseGTR for informative videos on Soul Sacrifice.

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PSASBR – Gex Moveset

This is probably one of my more obscure movesets but considering the large amount of my childhood playing his games I believe I owe him this much. Gex for those who aren’t familiar with him was in a series of inventive platform games on the Playstation 1, the games charm came from simple yet challenging gameplay coupled with a whole lot of cheesy phrases. Gex himself is a small lizard who’s personality couldn’t have possibly been based on James Bond.. *cough*. He would travel to a series of levels searching for remotes by completing various puzzles and defeating enemies.

If you want to learn more about Gex I would heavily suggest getting hold of the trilogy or at least watching some gameplay on Youtube. Moving on here are the core aspects of Gex which I will attempt to work into his moveset.

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PSASBR – Ethan Mars Moveset

Anyone who has played heavy rain knows that Ethan mars is probably the most depressing characters in modern gaming, in saying that he has potential for a somewhat satirical character moveset in all stars which I will describe below. From heavy rain itself we have little to go on in the way of fighting, gameplay is based on decisions and timing over fighting. This would suggest that he isn’t a viable contender however, characters like Fat princess and Sackboy have similar backgrounds.

ethan_mars_1So with the above in mind lets look into some basic aspects that will help develop his moveset: –

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PSASBR – James Grayson Moveset

This will be the third article in my series of character movesets I want to see in All-stars. To anyone who has read my wishlist you will understand the reasons I chose to look at characters like James Grayson rather than the protagonists from the main series on playstation 3. I believe that Bend studios did a brilliant job in taking a game series with no characters of notable personality and giving us a protagonist as memorable as James Grayson. Burning skies didn’t perform all that well in sales and given Bend studios recent success with Golden Abyss a sequel to Retribution would help re-vitalize the Resistance IP. I should point out before I start that this is a generic Resistance moveset, by all means replace the name with Nathan Hale or Joseph Capelli if it makes this more appealing.


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PSASBR – Aveline Moveset

As I have pointed out in previous posts Aveline from Assassins creed: Liberation  on vita is the only AC rep who is Sony exclusive, if that doesn’t make someone the most likely candidate I dont know what does. Anyway following on that logic and my love for the assassins creed series I figured this is the logical next character for me to build a moveset. Much like Kat from Gravity Rush, representing Aveline is likely to boost sales of the game which at this point isnt doing as well as it deserves to. I should point out the minus the supers and extras this moveset is 100% transferable onto another Assassins creed, so by all means replace Aveline with Edward, Connor or Ezio if it makes you happy.


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PSASBR – Lu Bu Moveset

Lu Bu to me is an interesting character because although he is not an all-star per say, he does provide an opportunity for unique gameplay. Although I personally see little chance of him making it into the game I think coming up with a moveset would be fun because of how well the character would fit into all-stars.

Its Lu Bu!!!

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PSASBR – My Complete Wishlist (Updated for 26/05/2013)

Im going to take a short break from my regular posting to write about a game I spend a large amount of my time playing now.


If you haven’t heard of it Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is a 4 Player fighting game similar to Smash Bros (google it). This is less of an article and more of a straightforward wishlist regarding all the changes I want to the game. Im going to try and keep this realistic, a lot of people ask the impossible of game developers or sometimes things best placed in a sequel. Anyway Enjoy my wishlist and comment if you get the chance..

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