Stuff I have made (Informal Portfolio)

Introduction :

Before I go into what Ive done here is a bit about me and why I am doing this. Since the age of 13 I have been overly engrossed with computing and video games, prior to this I was however an avid Nintendo gamer. For a period I played a new MMORPG every week, finding more satisfaction in trying new games over playing too much of one. Eventually I found Anarchy-Online which turned out to be the first MMO I played consistently for long periods of time, this game I played for over 6 years and I was one of few (if not the only player) below 15 (or in-fact 20) to play at high levels. Through this game I found my love for complexity and mechanics, although at the time my understanding of both was incredibly limited. For years I posted to the game forums with ideas of how to improve the game, most of which were in hindsight pretty terrible ideas (although not all). In these 6-7 years I continued to play games but found much more enjoyment in complexity than before, while most people my age played World of Warcraft (or played outside) I found the fact that the game auto-added your base stats to be constricting. Through watching E3 I began to take interest in the games industry and the console wars, this eventually led me to widen my genre interests. These days I love to pick apart games and examine how if at all they can be improved, I continue to post suggestions for my favorite online games and I continue to keep track of the latest industry news. My favorite hobby has become my passion.


  • Application Development – Proficient in creating standalone Windows applications.
  • Mobile Application Development – Proficient in Windows Phone 7 with some knowledge in developing for android and Windows Phone 8.
  • UI Prototyping – Experience creating UI prototypes in Microsoft Expression Blend 4 (university coursework).
  • Games Development – Experience creating games using the Unity3D engine (examples below) with some experience working in just Direct X 10 (university coursework).
  • Graphic Design – Experience creating website mockups and magazine templates in Adobe Photoshop and GIMP. (View my creations here)
  • Web development – Limited Experience working with HTML, PHP and Some Knowledge of how to create RESTful APIs (university coursework)
  • Programming Languages – HTML, C#, Java, Ruby with some knowledge of C++ and C.
  • Languages – Fluent in both English and Spanish. Understanding of most Latin language, limited knowledge of Japanese.



Projects :

Shape Invasion (My first real game)


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