Unity3D – Animating a Stickman

I decided to learn how to animate in unity. Using a picture I found showing frames of a stick man moving I created my first animation in unity. The sprite used was a single photoshop png displayed below, only 1 leg/arm really needed to be present for the sprite importer to work.

This is the image I used to create the animation frames.

This is the image I used to create the animation frames.

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Unity3D – Playing around with the terrain creator (4)

I decided the next step in my terrain project was to make night and day cycles. The first step in this was to make the sun rotate and have its brightness vary depending on heights, the moon and its light came later.

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Unity3D – Playing around with the terrain creator. (3)

Last time I mentioned attempting to get sound to stretch across the river. I thought that doing this would require a plug-in/add-on of some sort, someone however described to me a much easier solution to the issue. The sound source simply travels along the river as the player moves up and down the map. Given the rivers weird rotation I ran into some issues getting the sound to stay in the center of the river, I eventually find a simple way to deal with this.

Simply put the object is rotated the same way as the river, each update the river sound travels the same distance as the player but on its own following its rotation. It would be more efficient to have this only happen when the player moves.

Here are some proof that it works screenshots. For testing I added a cube mesh to keep track of sound travel.

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Unity3D – Playing around with the terrain creator. (2)

A quick update on my progress with the terrain editor.

As you can see Ive added simple water and adjusted the terrain significantly. In the unity packages I found simple water which gives a glistening surface with some movement, my river is simply a plane using this material and its associated script. In order to create the river bed I simply moved up the field terrain around it and heightened the mountain in certain places. After this I redid all the trees to better fit this map.

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MOBA games and toxicity in matchmaking

The majority of my gaming experiences this year have been undertaken in MOBA type games, as such I have been noticing a lot of interesting issues. This is just a brief post to talk about matchmaking in MOBAs, I have spent time talking about matchmaking in fighting games but this is a very different issue.

For those that do not know a MOBA is a team game which is most often 5vs5, games are matched randomly amongst 10s of 1000s of players. Parameters exist to help match similar players and in most MOBAs they work well, there is however in my opinion one thing that breaks most MOBA matchmaking systems. It is not at all unreasonable to allow players to group with friends, after all who doesn’t want to share their experiences or just show off now and then. Unfortunately players are very rarely of similar skill when grouping and this creates a problem of balance on teams. In most cases the system will try and find a similar group to place on the enemy team, this however is often unlikely to result in an exact match. A larger problem which results from this is that with the MOBA ‘lanes’ system your likely hood of being matched in lane against a similar skill player is even lower. This issue of lane mis-match is incredibly problematic for everyone involved, often toxicity towards the new player results which puts them off playing the game further.

The main issue in my view is that it is too hard for a matchmaking system to ensure a balanced match given a player grouping with another of lower skill. In some MOBAs such as LOL steps have been taken to prevent players of widely different skill levels grouping. In my opinion more games should take steps to implement this into matchmaking, on the one hand players cant always match with friends but as a result matches are easier to balance. I also think in the case of ranked matches grouping shouldn’t be an option unless the group is a full team against another full team.

/rant – Food for thought for any MOBA gamers out there..

Unity3D – Playing around with the terrain creator.

I have been busy moving cities recently so I havent posted anything, here is a little filler to keep my blog active.

Recently Ive spent some time playing around with Unity3D, mainly because I am rusty after spending a year abroad. As I couldn’t think of anything to create I decided to start with a simple ‘garden’ type map and play around with various components to see what I could get out of it. Here are the results of 2 hours of messing around with terrain in Unity3D.

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SMITE god concept – Hunahpu, One Blowgunner

  • Pantheon: Mayan
  • Type: Hunter
  • Role: Ranged, Physical
  • Hit progression: Normal
  • Pros: High Crowd Control, High Movement Speed
  • Cons: Low Clear Speed
  • Appearance: His height and overall physique matches that of his twin brother Xbalanque. Instead of a jaguar head he instead is without a head piece, the top of his head is tribal painted with 3 black spots on his forehead. His shoulder-guard sits on his right shoulder and resembles a snake. In one hand he holds a shield similar to Xbalanque, in the other his blow dart gun. From his hip hangs his pitz ball.

xbalanque, the other hero twin

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Some thoughts on modern fighting games.

So here we are in 2013 and I have recently taken interest in a variety of fighting games, most would consider 2013 a bit late to the party as the fighting game genre was one of the first to take off. When I say I have recently taken interest in fighting games I am not saying before 2013 I never played any fighting games, in-fact quite the opposite is true. Prior to 2013 I owned many fighting games including but not limited to Soul Calibur, Smash Bros and Street Fighter. The difference between now and then is that I have started to take these games seriously.

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E3 2013 – My take on Sony vs Microsoft

The conferences have finished and among most gamers there is now a clear result to who came out on top. Personally my view on the whole situation isn’t so black and white, yesterday I witnessed a whole lot of sweeping statements regarding how next gen will play out based on very little actual information. With that in mind here is my insight into the events of yesterday (10/06/2013).

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