SMITE god concepts – meta post

My production of concepts for smite increased pretty dramatically for a time and as a result I fell out of posting them here. Instead of adding an additional 11 concepts one-by-one I’ve decided to make a meta-post with all of them linked to reddit where they currently reside.

Shango, Orisha Of Fire, Thunder And Lightning – Yoruba – Mass disruption Bruiser – He is a warrior with strong cc potential and strong abilities which gain power as he takes damage.

Orunmila, witness to creation – Yoruba – Global Presence Mage – His kit revolves around pressure his enemies through a strong global presence. it heavily promotes interactions with teammates and vision of enemies.

Oya, Orisha of Wind – Yoruba – Mass Damage Assassin – An assassin with substantially AOE damage who gains bonus effects on her abilities after several attacks on a single target.

Ayao, Orisha of air – Yoruba – Pet control Hunter – A hunter with pet mechanics, she is stronger with her pet snake inhand but significantly weaker without it. Her ult provides mas vision impairment.

Hunahpu, One Blowgunner – Mayan – Hunter – A hunter who dishes out different but effective CC and can regen from near death at the cost of his stats.

Oko, Orisha of the Harvest – Yoruba – Zone Mage – A Mage who controls and area better than any other, once he gets a zone under control he is near immortal within its bounds as long as he can keep it well farmed.

Aganju, Orisha of Volcanoes – Yoruba – Extreme-Rusher Warrior – A warrior with both self-healing and self-damaging abilities.

Nut, Sky Mother – Egyptian – Disruption Tank – A guardian with a ‘Zac-esque’ kit who can trap enemies under her sky or deal high damage with correct timing and positioning.

Eshu, Trickster Orisha – Yoruba – Confusion Assassin – A super hard to pin down assassin whos focus is tricking his enemy and causing mass confusion.

Chaos, Primeval Void – Greek – Displacement Mage – His kit focuses heavily on using displacements to keep his enemies in AOE damage zones. He introduces a new king of CC to the game which I would describe as the ‘Lag’ effect and attempts to use actual physics as a mechanic.

Laverna, Goddess of Theives – Roman – Trapper Assassin – Her kit was an attempt to uses gold mechanically rather than just for buying, as such she can steal but also can be stolen from. She is less of a burst oriented god and required planning to execute well.

Pegasus, Winged Vanguard – Greek – Guardian Rusher – His kit as you might guess is focused more around speed. He introduces a new resource which I would call ‘Jet Pack Fuel’ as it works similarly to how jetpacks function in games.

Chiron, Alpha Centaur – Greek – Warrior Rusher – His kit focuses on speed just like Pegasus but he utilizes it in a more aggressive way. He gains damage from speed as well as momentum he can use to displace enemies.

Manticore, The man eater – Greek – High Impact Brusier – His kit focuses on slow but devastating blows. His autos change range and form due to his multiple unique limbs.

Cerberus, Shepard of Souls – Greek – Zoner Mage – My personal favorite, his kit revolves around souls which he can control by barking and howling.

Set, God of the Desert – Egyptian – Zoner Mage – A mage with focus on generating a resource (sand) which he can then move around and manipulate to impair or damage enemies.

Harmonia, Goddess of Harmony – Greek – Area denial Guardian – A unique guardian that introduces a ‘null-zone’ type  mechanic. Abilities cannot be centered within zones this guardian creates making them harder to use.

Medusa, Snake weilder – Greek – Pet Control Hunter – This is  rewrite of my Ayao concept for Medusa. It has some minor changes to fit her theme.

Ogun, Spirit of Iron – Yoruba – Utility Warrior – [FEB15] Winner on /r/SmiteGodConcepts. He is focused on generating his resource and converting into utility via ‘Forging’. This concept coincidentally coincided with the belona release which seemed to incorporate similar elements.

Babalu-Aye, Harbinger of Disease – Yoruba – Dot Mage – This is a mage who plays unique to others because the majority of his damage comes from stacking DOTS which eat away at his opponents. His autoattacks and abilities apply a poison which gains power for each additional stack. He passively debuffs his enemies weakening them constantly.


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