Toxicity: The average game.

I am writing this partly to vent but mostly out of interest in creating a positive game experience for everyone.
The first thing I feel needs mentioning is that game developers have to acknowledge that if their games experience is being heavily effected by toxicity their game needs improving. You can have an incredibly well designed game which itself is built to provide the best possible game experience but if the players playing it are all complaining about each other something is wrong, the game needs to deal with this and in my personal opinion it should take precedent over anything else.
This is primarily going to be about League of Legends because LOL and MOBAs in general I feel have the biggest toxicity issues currently in gaming. As such you probably wont understand most of what Im talking about if you are not familiar with LOL.
Think of that feeling you get when you finish a game, thinking about your role in that game, how other players affected your mood, how balanced you think the game was. If you ask the average player about how a game went they will probably not give you a positive response because on the whole in most mobas toxicity is becoming an epidemic which more and more players are succumbing to. “x player fed”, “x player was AFK”, “x player was insulting everyone”.. the list goes on but generally it comes down to another player who has affected the game experience negatively.
Source: google images

Source: google images

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