Soul Sacrifice’s Eternal recursion as the premise for an Online game.

This is just a thought I’ve been having recently about Soul sacrifice, a ‘Monster Hunter’ type game on PS Vita.

Warning Spoilers from here onwards! – Eternal Recursion in the game refers to the continuous ending and recreating of the world. The game is based around sorcery, the eternal recursion goes something like this.

  • The earth comes to an end, a powerful sorcerer keeps slaves in cages.
  • A Slave with the power of Librom rises up and defeats the sorcerer
  • The world is recreated
  • The world goes on for many years
  • Over time the slave who sacrificed the sorcerer assumes the personality of the sorcerer
  • The world comes to an end as the sorcerer once again controls everything
  • He is once again defeated and the cycles continues.

The world of soul sacrifice is incredibly interesting and I think it would make a brilliant online game. The lore is probably my favourite in any recent game and presents plenty of opportunities for interesting MMO gameplay. Simply carrying over the monster fighting mechanics and offerings, stick everything in an open world and you have in my oppinion a unique MMO experience.

My point here however is that I think Eternal Recursion could make a very interesting mechanic in an MMO. You have these games where events occur at set intervals to keep people interested. Why not have a game where the game literally comes to an apocalyptic end at given times? Take things a step further and make the game a race to the top where a player could be the driving force behind the apocalypse. Players fight for dominance overtime and as one player rises above others the world begins to end, if he is defeated the power is simply transferred and the cycle continues. At the end of the world time simply refreshes and things return to their original states (obvious this would require a lot more thought).

Various things could make this quite interesting such as time repeating exactly, events (wars, monster creation, npc movements etc)

Just a thought? I think MMOs are getting quite stale and games like this present interesting opportunities for unique MMO experiences.


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