Shape Insurrection – Level 2 takes shape.

Ive started work on lvl 2, so far I havent had issues following my paper plans. Hopefully can finish the next room tonight then get to work on adding in the additional stuff. There will be a chest in room 2 (visible via spotlight from the starting point) containing a necessary upgrade to get past the archer in the next room. The only lighting present in the large room is currently in the underground areas, the above are is dark and hard to navigate.

Everything together

Everything together

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Shape Insurrection – Video update 2, level 1 mostly finished

This is the first level, mostly finished with a few minor bugs. Its meant to be easy and simple to allow the player to figure out how the game works. Only 1 kind of enemy exists here, the shield-bashers. I am deciding currently whether the ladder will lead directly to the next level or simply load it and reposition the player. If I allow it to lead directly I can have multiple levels loaded at once and the player can ‘fall’ down levels.