Unity3D – Playing around with the terrain creator.

I have been busy moving cities recently so I havent posted anything, here is a little filler to keep my blog active.

Recently Ive spent some time playing around with Unity3D, mainly because I am rusty after spending a year abroad. As I couldn’t think of anything to create I decided to start with a simple ‘garden’ type map and play around with various components to see what I could get out of it. Here are the results of 2 hours of messing around with terrain in Unity3D.


The map itself is comprised of 2 terrain objects, the mountain base sits below the field but goes above it. The wall is a simply plane for the moment.


The above screenshots are player view, I added trees to the terrain just to fill it for the moment.


The sun using the lens flare component.

On top of these things there is also currently sound in the forest. I plan to try and figure out water next and possibly add more sounds such as footsteps and wind.


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