SMITE god concept – Hunahpu, One Blowgunner

  • Pantheon: Mayan
  • Type: Hunter
  • Role: Ranged, Physical
  • Hit progression: Normal
  • Pros: High Crowd Control, High Movement Speed
  • Cons: Low Clear Speed
  • Appearance: His height and overall physique matches that of his twin brother Xbalanque. Instead of a jaguar head he instead is without a head piece, the top of his head is tribal painted with 3 black spots on his forehead. His shoulder-guard sits on his right shoulder and resembles a snake. In one hand he holds a shield similar to Xbalanque, in the other his blow dart gun. From his hip hangs his pitz ball.

xbalanque, the other hero twin

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SMITE god concept – Ayao, Orisha of Air

  • Pantheon: African
  • Type: Hunter
  • Role: Defensive, Teamfight utility Hunter.
  • Hit progression: Normal
  • Pros: High Defense (Compared to other hunters), High attack speed independent of build
  • Cons: Low Mobility, Escape lowers damage
  • Appearance:She is a Black lady with long plaited hair, around her shoulders sits the snake coiled round extending its head above hers on one side. Her clothing is somewhat tribal but not overly revealing. On her back is a heavily decorated quiver, in her hand the crowbow she uses in combat.

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