SMITE god concept – Orunmila, Orisha of Wisdom and Divination

  • Pantheon: African
  • Type: Utility Mage
  • Role: Middle, Support
  • Hit progression: Normal
  • Range: 50ft
  • Pros: Free vision, Encourages teamwork
  • Cons: Countered by Poor vision, Low Damage, Requires coordination, High skill ceiling, High Difficulty, Low mobility
  • Appearance: As pictured below
Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

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SMITE god concept – Shango, Orisha of Fire and Lightning

  • Pantheon: African
  • Type: Melee, Hybrid Damage
  • Role: Bruiser
  • Hit progression: Normal
  • Pros: High Crowd Control, Good Clear, High burst
  • Cons: Highly Mechanical in team-fights, Easily shutdown by coordinated teams, Countered by high mobility. Difficulty sustaining in-lane
  • Appearance: As pictured below
  • tumblr_n1d9xrbL8Y1tsuocfo1_400

    Source: Google images

About Shango:

Within the Yoruba religion Shango is god of Fire, Thunder and Lightning. He is often associated with Dancing, drums and many other things. It is said that when lightning strikes, it is because Shango has thrown a stone shaped like his double headed Axe to the ground. Often worshipers go to where lightning has struck to find these stones. Shango is often depicted with a double headed axe, above is one such depiction. His colors are red and white, these are the colors in his clothing as is also visible in the image. Whilst some sites suggest he wields an Axe others suggest he may also often bang his drums, as such both are implemented into this concept.

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Life update – Travelling and future content

It has been almost an entire year since my last post so I feel that anyone who reads my blog deserves an explanation. Following the completion of my university degree I was for a while back at home with my family. During this period I was somewhat occupied with finding ways to improve my social life and search for temporary jobs. Soon afterwards I found myself in Thailand where a planned 1 month trip turned into a 7 month working holiday, having just recently returned I am looking to revive this blog.


Elephant riding in Laos

As this blog is mostly intended as a means to showcase my work I will be at some point adding more technical content, for the moment I plan on posting some SMITE god concepts (as that has been my hobby recently) and hopefully other things as I get back into the swing of living in the west.