Portfolio piece 1 – Shape Invasion

Portfolio piece 1 – Shape Invasion

The link goes to my dropbox which holds a zipped version of my first game. It runs on unity in the web player so is quite easy to work, just run the HTML file. Any comments and advice is greatly appreciated.

The game is essentially space invaders with a few additional features built on top of it. It is built from scratch using the Unity3D engine with no borrowed code or resources except the space background. For this game I made use of only the Unity3D software and Blender to create 2 of the alien models, it is possible that for sound and additional 3d models I will use more of blender and Audacity.


NOTE: If you play this don’t use full-screen – the game doesn’t like it and I havent disabled it yet.

Picture 1

The main mechanic of this game which differentiates this from traditional space invaders is wave defense, the game only ends when the player is defeated. Each wave adds difficulty by increasing the health of the aliens, increases their speed and increasing their numbers which naturally increases how many projectiles are thrown at the player. Triangular enemies turn to face the player continuously and fire projectiles at seemingly random intervals. The game ramps up fairly fast with a pretty dramatic difficulty curve, you can see this change by contrasting picture 2 with picture 12. Of course it would be quite boring for the player to work like in regular space invaders as a typical game lasts much longer, to combat this certain enemies drop power-ups. Power-up mobs are rotating enemies which during gameplay rotate, they also have more health than the other 2 types of aliens.



The power-ups serve to add an extra dimension to the game, some can be combined to improve their usage whilst lowering their duration.The Upgrade Power-up is the only one with a permanent effect, the first 3 levels increases the amount of bullets fired (visible in picture 6) whilst past this level they add damage.  The rocket power-up serves as an one-hit-kill for all aliens, this is useful early game but can be rendered obsolete by upgrades. The triple power-up triples a players firepower adding fire in more directions, these are effected by upgrades (visible in picture 8) and are essential late game to quickly clear large waves. The last power-up is the speed power-up which doubles the rate of fire for a short duration, this power-up is much like the triple in that it is effected by upgrades and is good for clearing waves fast. All these can be combined in various ways as is explained in picture 1, overloading a power-up will cause you to displace a component of it (this is confusing but required to prevent infinite extensions).

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11

Picture 12

Picture 13

Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16


3 thoughts on “Portfolio piece 1 – Shape Invasion

  1. I played until maybe level 33, when I died. The difficulty, or at least excitement seemed to drastically increase at around level 20, when I had to dodge between projectiles to get at power-ups.

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