PSASBR – Lara Croft (2013) Moveset

Originally I planned to stop doing these movesets but after playing through the latest Lara Croft games I couldnt help but imagine how she might fit into all stars. As far as possible DLC goes she is one of the most likely candidates, this is because she comes from a recently released game and is undoubtedly a PlayStation All-star. Some people might argue that old Lara Croft deserves to be in the game more than the new one, Similarly with Dante there is just more reason to put the new one in as it would help market the 2013 game. Anyway I hope you enjoy my stab at a viable Lara Croft moveset :).

Lara Croft as she appears in the 2013 reboot.

If you have the time and money I heavily recommend getting hold of this game, having played through it recently I can safely say the developers definitely did a good job creating a back story for such a well known character.


Here are some of the things I will be making use of in my moveset.

  • Lara has a Bow which fires Arrows, Incendiary Arrows and Explosive Arrows.
  • Lara has a single pistol which fires normally, silenced and burst.
  • Lara has a rifle which fires normally, grenade shots and silenced.
  • Lara has a shotgun which fires normally, full choke and incendiary.
  • Lara has a axe which she originally uses to break doors open, she eventually strengthens it to be used in climbing and melee combat.
  • Lara has can throw dust in enemies faces while dodging to stun them briefly.
  • Lara can sometimes perform finishing moves if enemies are either shot in specific ways or at low health.
  • Lara can attach a rope to her bow which she uses to pull enemies towards her or create new paths to climb.
  • Lara can attach a rope ascender to her ropes which allows her to ascend quickly or pull certain objects toward her.
  • Lara can counter attacks then follow up with moves that can either kill or cause finishing crumple.

The above list shows most if not all the unique bits of combat in Tomb Raider, so with those things in mind here is how this will be adapted for all stars.

  • Lara can counter and follow up with weapon specific finishers that give good AP.
  • Lara is a weak melee character but is also hard to pin down in CQC.
  • Lara can perform finishers on opponents in crumple for good AP gain.
  • Lara can use her rope arrows for both mobility and combat.
  • Lara has long range capability but works best at mid-short range.

Moveset: (g = ground, a = air)

  1. (g,a) Neutral Square – Climbing Axe Slash 1 (Lara slashes with her climbing axe) – This can be linked into a second slash which causes ejection roll.
  2. (g)Forward Square – Forward Axe Slash 1 (Lara lurches forward and slashes with her climbing axe, she can follow this up with one additional hit to cause a knockback
  3. (a)Forward Square – Aerial Axe slash (Lara slashes forward with her climbing axe once to cause a knockback)
  4. (g,a) Up Square – Pistol Burst Fire (Lara fires a short burst from her pistol, this move has a small degree of auto-aim for opponents in-front of Lara) – This move has decent stopping power but short range meaning its main use is aerial denial or mid combo.
  5. (g,a) Down Square – Dirt Fling [Guard Breaker] (Lara grabs dirt from the ground and flings a cloud of dust in front of her whilst simultaneously moving backward, in the air she gets the dirt from her pocket) – This works similarly to Radec’s Surprise Grenade but with less delay and a bit less power, it is useful for interrupting dashes and strikes.
  6. (g,a) Neutral Triangle – Arrow Shot [Aim-able, Chargeable] (Lara readies her bow for an accurate long range shot, charging this move causes fire at half charge and napalm at full charge) – This is Lara best move at long range and one of her best AP builders. Grounded opponents will be interrupted and pushed back, aerial opponents will receive hard knockback. Opponents set alight by her fire arrows will give her continuous AP for a short period, Opponents set alight by napalm arrows will additionally create a pool of fire around them upon impact. Napalm arrows can also be fired at the ground for a similar effect. A fully charged arrow hitting below the groin will cause crumple.
  7. (g,a) Forward Triangle – Rifle burst (Lara fires a burst forward with her rifle) This move acts similarly to flame-throwers current in all stars, opponents in it will be continuously hit and slowly moved outward. Similarly with flame-throwers it has a decently long duration with decent AP gain if all hits land. Blocking opponents will be moved outward aswell. This is Lara’s main crowd control move, an opponent who stays in this move for its full duration will be crumpled.
  8. (g,a) Up Triangle – Pistol Single Shot (Lara fires a single shot from her pistol knocking back anyone it hits, this attack has a small degree of auto-aim for opponents within an area in front of Lara) – This move is another aerial denial move but causes hard knockback, it also has a longer recovering time than the square up variant.
  9. (g,a) Down Triangle – Grenade Launcher (Lara fired a single grenade from her rifle at a 45 degree downward angle or forward, after a short delay it detonates) – Lara’s grenades have the same power as drakes but do not detonate on contact, they are also harder to spot and more than one cannot exist at a time.
  10. (g,a) Neutral Circle – Counter (Lara will upon successfully countering a move will slip behind the enemy and trigger a short slowed scene in which she can follow up, in the air Lara will slash the opponent with her climbing axe causing hard knockback.) This counter itself does nothing short of dodging a move, however Lara has multiple options to follow up with. The slowing part of this is between Lara and the opponent and effects noone else in the game it simply shows the player the time in which they have to react to the successful counter.
  11. (g,a) Forward Circle – Frag Grenade (Lara fires a frag grenade from her rifle, this show will detonate and crumple nearby opponents. Opponents being attacks or already crumpled will be ejected) – This variant of her grenade is visually different and easier to spot, it also has a slightly longer fuse but will confirm her level 1 with good timing and her level 2 easily on multiple targets.
  12. (g,a) Up Circle – Upward Rope arrow (Lara will fire a rope arrow at a 45 degree angle upward, this move has decent range and will attach to scenery, items or players.) Her Rope arrow moves are essentially advanced grappling moves which can be used in multiple ways. I will explain these ways below.
  13. (g,a) Down Circle – Downward Rope arrow (Lara will fire a rope arrow either forward if on the ground or at a 45 degree angle downward if in the air.) This move is the same as the above rope arrow move.
  14. Forward Throw – Rope Ascender to Shotgun (Lara grabs and pushes the opponent back, she then fires a rope arrow and uses the rope ascender to pull the opponent in, she then shotguns them away again.)
  15. Down Throw – Rope Ascender to Pistol Whip (Lara grabs and pushes the opponent back, she then fires a rope arrow and uses the rope ascender to pull the opponent in, she then pistol whips them to knock-down)
  16. Up Throw – Rope Ascender to Shotgun Upward (Lara grabs and pushes the opponent back, she then fires a rope arrow and uses the rope ascender to pull the opponent in, she then shotguns the opponent into an upward arc outward)

Combos & Playstyle:

Lara can perform combos but AP bursts will take skill and timing, she is able to crumple enemies relatively easier which is where she gains most of her AP along with her counter. Here are some of the follow ups she will make use of, these are all moves that can only be used after certain other moves or conditions. For clarity when I say crumpled opponents I am referring to the effect giga-punch has on opponents.

  • Counter -> Down Square will temporarily confuse an enemy making it harder to move.
  • Counter -> Neutral Triangle will make Lara stab her opponent in the knee with an arrow crumpling them.
  • Counter ->Forward Triangle will make Lara unleash a short burst on the opponent ejecting them.
  • Counter -> Circle will make Lara fire a rope dart into the opponent.
  • Counter -> Square will make Lara perform an axe attack causing eject roll.
  • Square on a crumpled opponent will cause her to hit them in the face with a rock and hard knockback.
  • Forward Triangle on a crumpled opponent will cause her to knock them over and burst them with her rifle causing white-out.
  • Triangle on a crumpled opponent will cause her to stab them with an arrow causing eject roll.
  • Down Square on a blocking opponent will break block if they are hit directly.

These are all the moves that will make her more useful in high level play, they also serve to help show the original game combat mechanics within all stars similar to Raiden. Keep in mind that if you activate a move in front of a crumpling opponent you will leave yourself open so care has to be taken not to finish a player off if too many others are nearby or accidentally use moves which would go into finishers.

Rope Arrows:

Her Rope arrow moves have many uses and will play an important role in her moveset. They have decent range and can grab most things in a game. In the case of hitting scenery or platforms if the player holds the button down Lara will be quickly pulled towards that point assuming it is above her. If this happens an anchor will appear where the rope was created and dissapear when she reaches the end, she will also jump upward a bit at the end which helps the player onto the platform. The player can at any time let go of circle to drop off the rope. In the case of hitting a player or item if the players holds down the button Lara will quickly pull it toward her, enemies will be stunned for a short period after being pulled, items will be auto-equipped if grabbed. Similarly with scenery the player can let go of the button to eject players or items early. Her throws also incorporate rope arrows but for now I have chosen to make them appear after activation instead of giving her an extended throw similar to Samus Aran or link in Smash Bros. The below video shows what the rope arrow does, rope arrows in All stars however would be much faster to use and not require aiming.


Level 1 – Rope Dart Pull – (Lara shoots her rope dart at a large object which appears floating on an invisible platform, she uses the rope ascender to pull it forward killing anyway without a certain distance) – This essentially works like Nariko’s but has a slightly bigger delay and a slightly larger radius. Its delay means it is easily dodged making it a relatively sub par super.

Level 2 – Explosive Arrow shot – (Lara shoots an explosive arrow shot forward that detonates at a distance in-front of her, it has a similar radius to her level 1) – This move is much easier to pull off and practically guarantees multi kills if you fire at crowds. It will detonate closer if you are near a wall but will also cause hard knockback. It is easily confirmed with her frag grenade or most other moves near a wall. If a player is between Lara and the detonation spot it will detonate in them.

Level 3 – Grand Finale – (Lara finds a second pistol and Roth’s voice is heard saying something inspirational about Lara, at this point time slows down for everyone but Lara and she can move around to shoot opponents freely. Time is slowed for the full duration of the super, Lara also has some aim assist during this period to help take down opponents) – This is similar to Dante’s level 3 but does not at any point cause a full stun on opponents, instead it slows them for the full duration. It would be one of the better supers in the game to make up for her bad level 1. Check out the video, SPOILER ALERT!


At long range Lara can make use of her bow to cause havoc to groups of enemies in her line of sight, the fire effects of charged shots allows her to gain good AP from this kind of play. Much like Radec this works much to her advantage when players are not focused on her but naturally it will create aggro overtime. A good player will use this tactically from ledges or walls to take advantage of crowds, a very good player may even use it in the air for this purpose although there are other aerial options. At mid range Lara can still use her bow but also has Rope arrows, her rifle and grenades to keep opponents away from her. Once again there are parallels with Radec in that she benefits from staying outside of large groups. Her rope arrows allow her to pick people out much like with grappling moves but also provide mobility for speedy escapes. At short range Lara can only really make use of her pistol and axe, her other moves have slightly slower start-ups. At this point Lara however must make use of her evasive skills to outsmart her opponents using well placed counters and follow-ups. She is by no means weak at close range but can easily be out-melee’d by some characters. Smart players will need to make clever use of her counter as it much like Sly and Heihachi has a punishment period, it is in a sense a high risk high reward move.


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