PSASBR – How to make a decent moveset

A lot of people make movesets for this game, if you go to the original forums chances are you will find one on the front page. The problem here is that a lot of them just not good, people will just decide to make one and mash all their favourite moves into something that sounds vaguely like an acceptable moveset. Anyway here is my take on how to create a moveset which actually portrays a character properly and may provoke decent discussion beyond “Wow I like this character, they should implement this” or “OMG [insert character name] is so cool but I prefer Goku!!”.

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Designing the perfect space exploration MMO – Object scaling as a means of facilitating a multi-genre experience.

Its been a while since Ive posted anything so here is a little something you may find interesting. Recently Ive been watching a lot of Extra Credits (A series of informative videos related to gaming), most notably Ive taken interest in the “trans-gaming” concept talkedĀ in the video below. A quick summary of trans-gaming would be the ability for multiple games or systems of gaming to directly effect each other, or in other words “connected gaming experiences”. Such is the case with the new MMO-FPS Dust 514 which will have a direct impact on players in EVE online.

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