PSASBR – A Sorcerer Moveset

Some of you may be familiar with Soul Sacrifice by now, if not it’s a recently released Japanese Vita game making its way to us western gamers tommorow. I for one am looking forward to its release so after some thought here’s a moveset for your enjoyment. As always I do this for my own enjoyment and don’t expect much if anything to come of this. Unfortunately I only have the demo and Youtube videos to go off of, despite this I know the mechanics pretty well so this is by no means an under-thought moveset. There is only really a few characters to use from the game but for the moment I will generalize this moveset to ‘A Sorcerer’, the generic name given to a player if he/she doesn’t input their own. Despite being a generic customizable character he does have a specific look as shown below.

Here is ‘A Sorcerer’, as he appears in art provided for the game.

If you want to learn about this game download the demo on your vita or look up some videos on Youtube, I heavily recommend DigitalPulseGTR for informative videos on Soul Sacrifice.


  • The game revolves around the mechanic of Saving or Sacrificing slain mobs/players. These will cause positive effects.
  • A number of spells or ‘Offerings’ can be equipped by the player, each with their own unique effects.
  • The most powerful skills in the game are known as ‘Black Rites’, these grant heavy damage at the expense of personal sacrifices.
  • Most attacks are elemental, fast same-element follow-ups can be used to incur stuns. Stunned mobs can be followed-ups with a specific element that causes a heavy damage chain attack.
  • The game generally revolves around team play, some of their moves reflect this. Soloing is not meant to be easy.
  • Cumulative Saving/Sacrificing acts as a sort of progression.

Thats the core gameplay behind soul sacrifice, expect all these aspects to be somehow evident in my all-stars moveset. Here is the basic aspects of the character’s All-stars representation.

  • Stuns & follow-ups will play a pivotal role in AP gain.
  • Progression will take place over a match.
  • Progression will effect what supers a player can use.
  • Progression will effect a characters stats.
  • Saving and Sacrificing will effect progression.
  • This character works best in team-play.



  1. (g,a) Neutral Square – Giants Arm [None, Chargeable Melee] (The player summons a giants arm that hits heavily) – Summoning this weapon (The first hit) takes time after-which concurrent hits are hard to avoid and very powerful. Using another skill de-casts the spell. Up to 6 hits can be performed until it de-casts itself, 3 hits will knock away a player. Holding down the button at any point while its active will begin a heavy charge attack, if it reaches full charge the arm will enlarge and punch forward for huge AP gain. Performing a charged attack de-casts the weapon.AxeEdge
  2. (g,a) Up Square – Axe Fragment Slashes [None, Chargeable Melee] (The player summons an axe to perform several hits above him) – This attack will perform 2-3 quick slashes directly above the player, unlike the Giant’s arm it requires no summon. It however can be charged for a powerful large area swing, this attack causes heavy knockback and good AP gain.GraveClodS
  3. (g) Down Square – Grave Clod [Stone, Rising] (The player slowly punches the ground forcing up a giant fist made of earth.) – This move has a slow activation time but will force opponents high into the air.
  4. (a) Down Square – Air Grave Clod [Stone, Rising] (The player punches the air below causing a wave that hits the ground, when this wave hits the ground a fist will emerge from the ground in-front. The wave is directional and will white out opponents below the player.) – The move has a slow activation time, enemies hit by the fist will be forced high into the air.100px-SanguineCannon
  5. (g,a) Forward Square – Sanguine Cannon [None, Holdable Blood Magic] (The player fires out a Sanguine cannon of blood directly forward) – This move actually lowers your AP when you use it, a full hold of this move will cause you to lose 20 AP. Its effect on opponents within its hurtbox is a heavy knockback, a blocking opponent who stays in this move for its duration will have their guard broken. A player who uses this with no AP will stun themselves.IceRoseThornS
  6. (g,a) Neutral Triangle – Ice Rose Thorn [Frost, Thrown] (The player summons 3 frost projectiles, these can be aimed or fired) – Holding the button will allow you to aim, pressing triangle will simply fire them forward. 6 follow-ups of this move will cause a freeze. It has very little stopping power but can be used in quick succession. Imagine this working the same as Kat’s stasis move.100px-IrondrakeEggS
  7. (g,a) Up Triangle – Irondrake Egg [None, Mortar] (The player throws a spiked ball in an upward arc) – This move has a long activation time but its impact is heavy knockback within a large area. Activating this is the air will make it land closer to you.100px-SparkRootTri
  8. (g) Down Triangle – Sparktree’s Root [Lightning, Chargeable Homing] (The player throws a charge that goes along the ground and detonates under the nearest enemy, this moves can be charged for increased distance & power) – This move has the ability to stun if used 3 times very fast on the same opponent, a stone elemental will detonate a stunned opponent.
  9. (a) Down Triangle – Air Sparktree’s Root [Lightning, Homing] (The player throws a charge that goes out diagonally downward which can hit players on the way downward, upon hitting the ground it detonates instantly) – If this move causes the stun it will be much shorter.80px-StormPinionS
  10. (g,a) Forward Triangle – Stormbird Pinion [Lightning, Charge] (The player charges forward very fast dealing lightning damage) – This is similar to Slys electro roll, it has less knockback and more range. This move can also cause stun after 3 follow-ups.BoulderBugM
  11. (g,a) Neutral Circle – Boulderbug Shell [None, Morph] (The player summons rocks around them to form a large boulder, during this move they can roll around and knock-away other players) – This move has quite a large hurt-box and moves fast along the ground if the player pressing the button again. In this form the players hitbox is vastly increased, it can be cancelled out of using any other button.100px-WallFruitS
  12. (g,a) Up Circle – Summon Fruit [None, Support] (The player summons a specific fruit tree based on how long he holds the button down, each tree gives a different buff) – No hold – Wallblosson Fruit (Defence), Short Hold – Levibloom Fruit (Speed), Full Hold – Vimblossom Fruit (Attack). Further explained below.FireRootTri
  13. (g) Down Circle – Firetree’s Root [Fire, Chargeable Homing] (The player throws a charge that goes along the ground and detonates under the nearest enemy, this moves can be charged for increased distance & power) – This move has the ability to stun if used 3 times very fast on the same opponent, a frost elemental will detonate a fire-stunned opponent.
  14. (a) Down Circle – Air Firetree’s Root [Fire, Homing]  (The player throws a charge that goes out diagonally downward which can hit players on the way downward, upon hitting the ground it detonates instantly) – If this move causes the stun it will be much shorter.100px-ThunderLidS
  15. (g,a) Forward Circle – Thunderstone Lid [Lightning, Shield] (The player summons a shield made of electrified stone) – This moves reflects all projectiles and pushes players back if they attack or run into it, as a larger version of Sackboy’s bounce-pad this has a weaker knockback and disappears after either 2 melee hits or 5 projectiles. (Melee hits will generate AP, projectiles will not unless they hit someone)Time_sand
  16. (g,a) All Throw – Time sands [None, Time] (The player grabs the opponent, knocks them down in-front of him and uses time-sands) – This move creates an area in which time stands still at the expense of the sorcerers AP. Players who move into this area will also be frozen (this includes teammates), the frozen players do not lose AP. Over a short period this attack can be held by the sorcerer during which he loses AP. A player who uses this move with no AP (or runs out) will stun himself. The AP loss of this move is approximately 60 is held down for the full duration, each tick causes more loss until this amount.

Combos & Playstyle:

This character has more combo potential that most but does not strictly rely on this for effective play. One of the key aspects of this characters playstyle is follow-ups. This character has stunning potential all over his moveset, following up a stun with the correct elemental attack is essential for good AP gain. This does means spamming might be an issue but as very few of his spam-able attacks have stopping power this wont matter too much. This characters air-game is pretty weak, so this is where most other characters will dominate him. Stormbird Pinion is the one useful move he will have in this situation unless his giants arm is out. Intelligent usage of charged melee moves is also essential, all of these have very long cast times and although they can be cancelled are still very risky. This is directly in line with Soul sacrifice itself. A final note on playstyle, the only moves that will open his opponents for a super are stuns, no other moves can be used to KC.

Follow-ups & Chain Attacks:

Attacks are considered follow-ups if they hit an enemy one after the other. Sufficient follow-ups of a specific element will incur an elemental stun. In this moveset the only follow-up stuns possible are Fire, Lightning and Frost. To perform a chain attack out of a follow-up stun you must attack the opponent with a specific element while they are stunned, this will cause large AP gain. The elemental chain is as follows.


In other words:

  • Frost is chained using lightning.
  • Fire is chained using Ice.
  • Lightning is chained using Stone.

This is an essential part of how this character plays, players who choose not to do this will most likely NEVER reach their level 3 within a standard 3 minute match.

Note: Running into a fire-stunned player with the shield will cause a chain attack but its AP gain will be considerably lower.

Blood Magic:


In Soul Sacrifice offerings are limited in amount per fight, to combat this you have blood magic that has unlimited casts at the expense of your health per usage. To represent this I have included an attack with negative AP gain, strangely out of place in all stars. So why would this be useful?

  • Reducing AP to cast a previous super.
  • Sharing AP with a teammate.
  • A very safe eject/guard break at the expense of AP.

This move is the first I have put in to represent the feeling in soul sacrifice that every powerful action comes at a cost of some kind.

Time Sands:


This is a move directly lifted from the game in which a player can control a space in-front of him at the expense of his own health. To balance it within the all stars universe I have made it much riskier to pull off, friendly players who move into this attack will themselves become trapped. Evidently this also means that noone can super trapped enemies without themselves becoming trapped. So why would this be useful?

  • Controlling of a particularly annoying player.
  • Shedding larger amounts of AP
  • Wasting time

Note: It is unclear whether allowing projectile supers to hit enemies in this effect would be fair, as time is standing still in a small area the projectiles themselves may also freeze.



Fruit plays a small yet important roll in Soul Sacrifice, arguably you can play fine without them and the same will be true in this game. Here we have a skill that summons different trees based on holding a button, these fruit will appear as items on the pitch which can be picked up by anyone. A risky item to put out in a FFA, especially if you cant control any ground properly. Expect this to be mostly a 2v2 move, similarly with AP generators this will generate hate toward the sorcerer as other players will want that fruit. Here is a bit more information on the fruits.

  • No Hold – Wallblossom Fruit x3 – The effect of this fruit does not stack with itself or other fruit although many can be consumed. Its effect is 10 AP of hyper armour on each attack performed (or 30 on Weapon/Arm charge moves), this effect will last for 15 seconds or 3 hits.
  • Short Hold – Levibloom Fruit x2 – The effect of this fruit does not stack with itself or other fruit although many can be consumed. Its effect is a 50% increase in movement and roll speed, this effect will last no longer than 10 seconds.
  • Long Hold – Vinblosson Fruit x2 – The effect of this fruit does not stack with itself or other fruit although many can be consumed. Its effect is a 50% increase in AP gain, this effect lasts for 5 attacks or 15 seconds.

I should clarify here that this move is not easily spam-able, there is a delay in raising the tree which makes it risky to use. Don’t expect players to use this unless they firmly control the ground they use it on, as it can be easily stolen and used against them.

Sacrificing & Saving:

Within soul sacrifice a player can choose to sacrifice or slay any dying monster or player, both of these options are positive in 1 form or another. It grants both short term and long term benefits to a player, players who sacrifice a lot play differently to those who don’t. This character uses a similar system which works slightly differently to facilitate the all stars universe, here is how it works.

  • Players start off every match with Neutral arm (Dark 0, Divine 0)
  • After anyone in the match dies a small item on the ground will indicate a possibly sacrifice/save, this will remain after the character respawns but not much longer.
  • While the player is near this item press R1 + Square to sacrifice or R1 + Circle to Save
  • A sacrifice causes Dark arm + 1, Divine -1.
  • A save causes Dark arm – 1, Divine + 1.
  • 5 arm stages exist: Neutral arm, Half Divine, Half Dark, Full Divine, Full Dark. Each of these modifies a player overall and grants access to different supers. (they are visually different aswell)

As you may have guessed getting to Divine or Dark 3 isn’t particularly hard. This system is a simplified version of Soul Sacrifice’s progression which involves 100 levels overall and also grants access to black rites will different Dark/Divine Levels. Here are the arm stat modifiers.

  • Neutral Arm – Nothing
  • Dark Arm – 10% increased AP gain per level, Players attacking this player gain 10% additional AP per level, knock-backs throw you further, your knock-backs are more powerful.
  • Divine Arm – Enemies who attack you gain 10% less AP per level, your buffs are more powerful (WB – 20 AP, LB – 70%, VF – 60%), your casts are slightly faster, you lose less AP from your own moves.
Dark arm

This is a dark arm.

I should point out at this point that in neutral arm form this character is relatively weak so don’t expect to be Jesus incarnate at Dark arm 3. 3 is the max level in both directions.

Supers ‘Black Rites’:

As explained above in Soul Sacrifice their is a lot of emphasis on great power coming from personal sacrifice, in the game exists spells called ‘Black Rites’ which cause huge damage at the expense of personal sacrifice. All of the supers are Black rites adapted for all stars. Its also worth noting that a neutral armed player will not be able to use any supers above level 1, in the time it takes to get a level 2 or 3 you will have performed a sacrifice/save.

Black Rites picture

Low Left – Irrelevant, Top Left – Gleipnir, Top Center – Infernus, Top Right – Volcan, Low Right – Gorgon, Center – Excalibur (English names may vary)

There’s a picture of the black rites in the game, as you can guess they are substantially more violent than would be allowed in all stars, so generally these supers will skip over the nasty parts and just show you the actual usage.

Level 1 Super – Infernus

Requirement: None

Effect: The player sacrifices his skin to explode into a giant fireball, this will kill any players in its range.

Usage: This is a fast activating level 1 that will kill anyone in a small-medium range from the player. It also has a slight delayed start up to justify its range.

A price must be paid: 25% increase in AP gained from attackers for 1 minute. This effect does not stack but the timer does. (In soul sacrifice this was 50% reduction in Defense)

Beyond this point no supers will work on Neutral arm, your stuck with Infernus. If you don’t meet the requirement of a super the orange x will show.

Level 2 Super – Gorgon

Requirement: Divine Arm 1+

Effect: The players sacrifices his eyes which then multiply and surround him. After activation this can be aimed to different directions, if sufficient hits connect with an enemy player they will be petrified. Much like with Medusa’s head players can hit them to kill them. The player whilst unable to use normal moves can perform a melee attack with the eyes, this move will kill players nearby but will delay the usage of the ranged attack.

Usage: This move is best used in team games but can be equally as useful solo with some practise. Petrification lasts relatively long meaning that you will have time to finish people off, as enemy players can also kill them this means they may risk attacks when they should be avoiding you.

A price must be paid: Movement speed is decreased by 25% for 1 minute. (In soul sacrifice this was a 50% vision loss)

Level 2 Super – Gleipnir

Requirement: Dark Arm 1+

Effect: The player sacrifices his right arm to create a binding effect which holds still and eventually kill players nearby. This move functions similarly to Evil Coles level 2 in a single direction with more horizontal range.

The player spawns a set of eyes which form a circle in front of him, he can them move around and aim these eyes at other players, if he holds it on one for a short period they will becoming petrified and can be smashed by himself or his teammate.

Usage: This much like Evil Coles Level 2 can be held which overtime will drain small amounts of AP and hold your opponents a bit longer. After its duration anyone held will die instantly.

A price must be paid: Bonuses from arm state are gone for 1 minute, no saves/sacrifices can change this. You are essentially locking yourself into neutral arm. (In soul sacrifice this was loss of effects from arm sigils)

Level 3 Super – Excalibur

Requirement: Dark Arm 3

Effect: The player spawns a giant sword which he can use to kill opponents around the screen (imagine kratos’s but with no ranged attack but more length melee attacks). Before the super ends the player can press a button to cause a huge spread attack, on small maps this would be very hard to avoid.

Usage: This is by far the most powerful of the supers and will easily help a player rack kills up, as you might expect it comes at great cost so players who use this will need to think about how to handle themselves afterwards. Much like kratos however this can be avoided with some skill.

A price must be paid: Your AP trickles downward for 2 minutes, these ticks are slow but dump a lot of AP at a time. (In soul sacrifice this was continuous loss of health)

Level 3 Super – Vulcan

Requirement: Divine Arm 2+

Effect: The player sacrifices their heart, immobilizing them where activated until its end. During this immobilized stage the player will be able to send out shock-waves which crawl along the surface it was activated on, players hit by the blast but not on the ground will be knocked away. Additionally any players on the sorcerers team can grab swords from the player which can be used to devastating effect. The sorcerer continuously spouts AP during this super.

Usage: This is a bit of an odd super. Its 2 main uses are during flat stages alone or on any stage with teammates. In both these cases it can be wielded to devastating effect, otherwise it may result in no kills.

A price must be paid: Players attacking you will now gain an additional 50% AP for 2 minutes. (In soul sacrifice this was max health halved)

Those are the supers as they current stand although the prices to be paid may require some altering, what is important is that players feel the pressure not to just spam what they have because they will be screwing themselves over in the long run. Notably the Dark arm moves are stronger and more aggressive, Dark arm players in Soul Sacrifice are more powerful at the expense of defence. The opposite of this is true for divine players who focus more on defence and buffs to win matches.


In this moveset I am attempting to create a character that accurately portrays its game of origin without distracting to far from the fighting element. You usage of progression within each match is a light touch that should be easy to grasp for any player, anyone who has played soul sacrifice should fall straight into this moveset with no issues. This is by no means an easy character to play but his moveset has enough diversity to facilitate bad players. Irondrake eggs, Giants Arms, Boulderbug and Stormbird Pinion are moves that will be easy to use. With enough skill and common sense players would find this addition a challenging character to master with a diversity of playstyles, this is exactly how playing Soul sacrifice feels. The pressure to manage yourself well is also a huge aspect of Soul sacrifice as players generally work with a finite amount of resources.


Intro 1 – Character appears in a flash, similarly to how they spawn into matches.

Intro 2 – Character appears in a light flash, how divine players spawn into matches.

Intro 3 – Character appears in a dark flash, how dark players spawn into matches.

During Outro the characters current arm is shown

Outro 1 – Character is seen reading Librom

Outro 2 – Librom is seen closing

Outro 3 –

Taunt 1 – Character whistles.

Taunt 2 – Character swings Axe Fragment around.

Taunt 3 –

Losing Outro – Character falls over


These are the 3 costumes provided upon starting a new game. Noble, Sand dweller and Intellectual. Keep in mind that the character model itself would be as described the man from the first image in this post.


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