PSASBR – Gex Moveset

This is probably one of my more obscure movesets but considering the large amount of my childhood playing his games I believe I owe him this much. Gex for those who aren’t familiar with him was in a series of inventive platform games on the Playstation 1, the games charm came from simple yet challenging gameplay coupled with a whole lot of cheesy phrases. Gex himself is a small lizard who’s personality couldn’t have possibly been based on James Bond.. *cough*. He would travel to a series of levels searching for remotes by completing various puzzles and defeating enemies.

If you want to learn more about Gex I would heavily suggest getting hold of the trilogy or at least watching some gameplay on Youtube. Moving on here are the core aspects of Gex which I will attempt to work into his moveset.


  • Gex’s most used attack is a simple tail whip where he spins around briefly.
  • Gex has a variety of costumes, some of these will allow him to glide or perform special actions.
  • Gex can swallow fireflies as well as other bugs to gain special powers.
  • Gex can use his tail like a spring to gain height for higher jumps.
  • Gex often uses his tail to perform flying kicks.
  • Gex is a very cheesy character.

Thats what we have to work with, the games aren’t all that complex. Keep in mind this is a Playstation 1 era platform gamer, before we expected games to fart thunder and **** lightning to meet our expectations. With the above we could make a Toro style character whose utility revolved around what costume he is wearing, personally I don’t like this approach because a lot of his costumes in the game don’t give him any special moves. He has potential to be the ‘Kirby of all stars’ but for me that wouldnt be doing Gex justice, he needs to feel true to the games. Lets also keep in mind that Gex generally likes to make cheesy comments on whats going on in the stage so we can adapt this to all stars with some new dialogue relating to characters he is fighting. Here is the basis for his moveset.

  • Gex’s Tail spin is central to his playstyle.
  • Gex’s Flying Kick and Tail Bounce will be important for mobility.
  • Gex’s Costumes will make appearances with their own unique moves, however this does not mean he has forms or costume attacks.
  • Gex can swallow objects in the game world, not people.
  • Gex can glide.
  • Gex will have cheesy phrases for each character he kills.
  • Gex is a medium high character, taller than the shortest cast members but shorter than human characters.

Moveset(g = Ground, a = Air):

  1. (g,a) Neutral Square – Tail Spin (Gex spins around, his tail damages anyone near him both behind and in-front at melee range) – This move is central to his entire moveset, its an easily spam-able and relatively safe move to use. 
  2. (g,a) Up Square – Tail Flip (Gex does a back-flip  his tail will whip in-front of him sending anyone in-front of him flying upwards) – This move will most likely not prove to be useful for starting combos, it will however most likely be good for ending them as it has good AP gain. Players with good timing will be able to use the grounded version then quickly jump for an air flip without breaking combo.
  3. (g) Down Square – Tail Trip (Gex performs a lower slower tail spin that trips enemies around him) – This move will prove a useful short combo starter or possible kill confirm for his level 2.
  4. (a) Down Square – Tail Spring Bounce (Gex will slam toward the ground and bounce back upward using his tail like a spring) – This move is important for mobility and will knock-away enemies below him. This move can be spammed but each time it loses height and power, his fall speed is also slow enough that smart players can attack him before he lands.
  5. (g,a) Forward Square – Karate “Tail” Kick (Gex flies forward with his legs and tail in a flying kick style animation) – This move causes heavy knockback, because of its fast activation time smart players can use this to avoid some supers. Its range however is not as far as in the game, there is also a delay between kicks to prevent this being spammed.
  6. (g,a) Neutral Triangle – Eat/Hurl (Gex sends his tongue out forward and takes in a projectile or firefly, if Gex already has a projectile in his mouth he will fire it back out forward) – I will explain this mechanic below.
  7. (g,a) Up Triangle – Object Up Slam (Gex uses an object to slam an opponent upward) – This move is reminiscent of parappas skateboard move. I will explain what is meant by object below. Its effect is a slight lift into the air on grounded opponents and large lift into the air on aerial ones.
  8. (g,a) Down Triangle – Object Down Slam (Gex uses an object to slam an opponent downward) – This move is reminiscent of parappas skateboard move. I will explain what is meant by object below. Its effect is a white-out on the grounded opponents or stumble to aerial ones near the ground.
  9. (g,a) Forward Triangle – Projectile Toss (Gex Throws his projectile in an upward arc forwards) – This move acts identically to Heihachi’s bowling pin toss with similar stopping power. I will explain what his projectile is below.
  10. (g,a)Neutral Circle – Consume (This move only works if Gex has eaten an enemy projectile, he will swallow it an absorb its AP, this also provides him 1 of 3 powers) – I will explain what these powers are below.
  11. (g,a) Up Circle – Summon Yellow Firefly (A yellow firefly will appear and float around Gex until he eats it) – This is explained below.
  12. (g,a) Down Circle – Summon Blue Firefly (A Blue firefly will appear and float around Gex until he eats it) – This is explained below.
  13. (g,a) Forward Circle – Summon Red Firefly (A Red firefly will appear and float around Gex until he eats it) – This is explained below.
  14. Up Throw – (Gex grabs his opponent and uppercuts them, he increases the power of this attack by standing on his tail) – Standard up throw, its trajectory links into his ground tail flip.
  15. Down Throw – (Gex grabs his opponents and body slams them, he uses his tail to move above them) – This move causes white-out.
  16. Forward Throw – (Gex grabs his opponent and slaps them with his tail) – This produces a heavy knockback.
  17. (a – Hold) x – Glide (Gex will change costume and glide forward, he will fall at about the same speed ratchet does when gliding) – The costume choice will be explained below.
  18. (a – Hold near wall) x – Wall grab (Gex will attach himself to a wall for a short time and can freely move around) – similarly in his games his hitbox will be much thinner in this form, its duration however will preventing turtling on walls.


This is yet another moveset that doesn’t rely heavily on combos. Gex can string together decent combos but don’t expect many mid screen AP bursts. Chances are with the above moves it will be possible but some may require exact timing or may leave him open. Most of these combos will revolve around his tail attacks as chaining these together may be easy, expect heavy usage of Tail spin as a linker between moves. If I was to compare his combo potential to one of the current cast it would be Toro.

An example of a possible Gex AP burst combo would be – Down Circle – Triangle – Approach enemy -Square Down, Square x 2 Square Up – (a)Triangle – Triangle Forward – (a)Square Up –  (a)Triangle Up.

Don’t expect the above combo to be easy to land.

His Tongue:

Gex himself is not going to be effective at range but will perform well against ranged characters because of his ability to use their own projectiles against them. Imagine for example drake throws a barrel in Gex’s direction, Gex can eat the barrel which will allow him to do 1 of 2 things. Pressing Circle will result in him swallowing the barrel and gaining its AP gain, similar to Coles Ice Shield effect. Pressing Triangle will result in him spitting out the barrel for use as his projectile, Similar to most counters and reflects. Sounds OP? Not really, these are moves that other characters already have which are easily negated by not giving them projectiles to toss back at you. Their is also a delay between swallow and Consume/Hurl to prevent spamming, characters like ratchet who fire multiple projectiles will easily keep him away. Consumption can result in 1 of 4 effects.

  1. Projectiles of 1-9 AP will do nothing, he will just burp and move on.
  2. Projectiles of 10-19 AP will produce the grasshopper effect, giving Gex a brief jump height bonus for 7 seconds.
  3. Projectiles of 20-29 AP will produce the centipede effect, giving Gex a brief speed bonus for 7 seconds.
  4. Projectiles of 30+ AP will produce the Caterpillar effect, giving Gex a protective whirlwind he can use to absorb 1 hit. This effect lasts for 5 seconds.

A smart Gex player will make use of the whirlwind to start combos or approach zoning characters.


As explained above Gex can eat projectiles and fire them out, his fireflies are exactly the same. Upon summoning one it will float around him until he chooses to consume it, keeping in mind that fireflies take priority over incoming projectiles. In his games the effects of these fireflies either stay with him for a duration or until he is hit, for the purposes of this game they will only stay for 1 hit. Also only 1 can exist around him at a time.

  • Red Firefly – Fire – This will allow Gex to spit a fireball forwards, this fireball will cause heavy knockback and good AP gain.
  • Blue Firefly – Ice – This will allow Gex to fire an iceball forwards, this iceball will freeze opponents briefly similar to Coles ice rocket. The delay of activation means you most likely wont be caught off-guard much like with Coles.
  • Yellow Firefly – Electricity – This will allow Gex to fire 3 balls of electricity forwards, each shot will provide decent AP and slight stopping power.

The range of these attacks isn’t much further than Coles ice rocket, don’t expect range camping Gex players. Chances are if they are using these moves they will be in range to be attacked, his electricity however has the most range.

Costume Change Effects and Loadout:

This is actually a lot simpler than it seems, Gex has 3 costumes like every other character. The only difference is that each of these costumes essentially acts like a visual loadout. The only differences in these loadouts is visual.

Costume 1 – Naked Gex – In this costume Gex’s default visuals is him as default suit wearing Gex. His object is a remote, his projectile is a fly coin and his Glide form is Vampire Gex.

Costume 2 – Winter Gex – In this costume Gex’s default visuals is him with his Santa hat on. His object is a snowboard, his projectile is a snow ball and his glide form is Red Riding Hood Gex.

Costume 3 – Pharaoh Gex – In this costume Gex’s default visuals is him as Pharaoh Gex. His Object is a staff of Ra, his projectile is a Sandball and his Glide form is Superhero Gex.

All the objects/projectiles he has will be of equal size and hurt-box. These costumes may also effect his core dialogue. If there was the possibility of more costumes I would include Toga and Karate Gex.


Level 1 Option 1 – Astronaut Jet Pack charge – Gex will put on his astronaut suit and move diagonally upward quickly. (Similar to Sackboy’s Level 1)

Level 1 Option 2 – Super Tail Whip – Gex will wind up his tail and unleash a briefly spinning attack. (Similar to Raiden’s level 1)

Level 2 – Hercules – Gex will turn into Hercules Gex and grow slightly in size, he will during the duration be able to perform special tail attacks for kills. (This is meant to be reminiscent of Kratos’s Level 3)

level 3 Option 1 – Army Gex 1 – Gex will put on his army uniform and get in his tank, during this period he can drive around to run people over or shoot them.

level 3 Option 2 – Army Gex 2 – Gex will put on his army uniform and get on a nearby machine gun. Gex can shoot players from outside the stage, spotlights also shine on the stage occasionally stunning other players with gunfire.

In-case you haven’t guessed Gex’s Supers are Mostly copies of other supers, this is intentional. This gives him opportunities to crack jokes about other characters or gloat. His level 1 is also intended to be an hard to use level 1 super giving players the haste to get level 2-3 that Parappa, Heihachi, Sackboy etc players often feel.


This is a character who will perform relatively well with little practise. Expect people to be able to pick up and play as him without to much trouble adjusting. This is however also a character that when mastered will provide great utility, making use of absorption to invoke abilities will be important. Mastering his mobility advantages and projectile use will also prove essential. His melee potential makes him formidable in group situations, he doesn’t often leave himself open to easy attacks. Gex biggest weaknesses however are being out-melee’d or out-ranged, expect characters like ratchet and Raiden will have large advantages on Gex. Characters with large heavy damaging projectiles will most likely suffer as good Gex players will be able to use them for easy AP. Expect matches including this character to be more enjoyable, either for his playstyle or the cheesy commentary he brings to the table.


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