PSASBR – A Sorcerer Moveset

Some of you may be familiar with Soul Sacrifice by now, if not it’s a recently released Japanese Vita game making its way to us western gamers tommorow. I for one am looking forward to its release so after some thought here’s a moveset for your enjoyment. As always I do this for my own enjoyment and don’t expect much if anything to come of this. Unfortunately I only have the demo and Youtube videos to go off of, despite this I know the mechanics pretty well so this is by no means an under-thought moveset. There is only really a few characters to use from the game but for the moment I will generalize this moveset to ‘A Sorcerer’, the generic name given to a player if he/she doesn’t input their own. Despite being a generic customizable character he does have a specific look as shown below.

Here is ‘A Sorcerer’, as he appears in art provided for the game.

If you want to learn about this game download the demo on your vita or look up some videos on Youtube, I heavily recommend DigitalPulseGTR for informative videos on Soul Sacrifice.

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PSASBR – Gex Moveset

This is probably one of my more obscure movesets but considering the large amount of my childhood playing his games I believe I owe him this much. Gex for those who aren’t familiar with him was in a series of inventive platform games on the Playstation 1, the games charm came from simple yet challenging gameplay coupled with a whole lot of cheesy phrases. Gex himself is a small lizard who’s personality couldn’t have possibly been based on James Bond.. *cough*. He would travel to a series of levels searching for remotes by completing various puzzles and defeating enemies.

If you want to learn more about Gex I would heavily suggest getting hold of the trilogy or at least watching some gameplay on Youtube. Moving on here are the core aspects of Gex which I will attempt to work into his moveset.

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