PSASBR – Ethan Mars Moveset

Anyone who has played heavy rain knows that Ethan mars is probably the most depressing characters in modern gaming, in saying that he has potential for a somewhat satirical character moveset in all stars which I will describe below. From heavy rain itself we have little to go on in the way of fighting, gameplay is based on decisions and timing over fighting. This would suggest that he isn’t a viable contender however, characters like Fat princess and Sackboy have similar backgrounds.

ethan_mars_1So with the above in mind lets look into some basic aspects that will help develop his moveset: –


  • Heavy rain allows players to interact with objects in somewhat immersive (if not clunky) ways to progress the story. 
  • Ethan Mars is at one point in the story a father who attempts to interact with his distant son.
  • Ethan Mars is at another point in the story a desperate father attempting to rescue his son.
  • Ethan Mars interacts with random objects at certain times.

Inconsistencies aside lets look into how we might go about developing a character with these aspects.

I don’t think there is anyway to do this character well and take him seriously, so lets go at this in a satirical way.

  • Ethan mars is capable of melee combat, as this is not a large part of heavy rain we will keep this quite simple.
  • Ethan mars is not always aware he is engaged in combat, his interaction with objects damage players.
  • Ethan mars is a relatively clear-cut character, easy to pick up and play competitively
  • Ethan mars is a very vocal character.
  • This moveset will avoid any major spoilers.


  1.  (g,a)Neutral Square – Jab 1 (Ethan mars Jabs at his opponent) – This is a standard square move that can be chained up to 6 times, Its AP gain is very good if all 6 jabs are landed.
  2. (g,a)Up Square – Uppercut (Ethan mars uppercuts his opponent, sending them off the ground) – Although Ethan mars is not a heavy air character he can perform short quick moves after this one for decent AP gain. These moves will require timing much like Coles air combos.
  3. (g,a)Down Square – Collapse (Ethan mars falls over elbow first that whitesout nearby enemies) – This is essentially Heihachi’s body slam move.
  4. (g,a)Forward Square – Punch (Ethan mars moves forward and punches his opponent) – This move is quite a standard attack but unlike the jab it gains good AP on its own and has a stronger knockback.
  5. (g,a)Neutral Triangle – Drink (Ethan mars pulls out a hip flash and takes a drink, this grants intoxication for a short time) – Intoxication will be explained below.
  6. (g,a)Up Triangle – Basketball shot (Ethan mars spawns and throws a basketball in an upward arc, this move is chargeable)  – More charge increases the horizontal distance travelled.
  7. (g,a)Down Triangle – Gun shot (Ethan mars shoots a quick pistol shot which makes a single player collapse upon impact) – Ethan does not like shooting people, this will cause a player to collapse but if done too many times in a short period will cause Ethan to throw up. In the air this shoots diagonally downward.
  8. (g,a)Forward Triangle – Obstacle (Ethan quickly moves backwards and throws an obstacle in the way) – This move allows him to quickly escape situations that would otherwise lead him into being combo’d
  9. (g,a)Neutral Circle – Microwave Pizza (Ethan quickly puts a pizza in the microwave then leaves its to cook, upon completion the microwave will turn into a large amount of AP) – This is essentially an AP generator, the amount dropped would be more or less equal to an entire Boom-box or Rift extractor yield at once. The time for completion is around 5 seconds but projectiles will cause the microwave to explode (This does damage nearby players).
  10. (g,a)Up Circle – Shower (Ethan turns a nozzle which spawns a shower head, this deployable object will shower the ground for 5 seconds) – People inside this shower are stunned continuously but can move outward slowly, it also causes running players to slip and white-out.
  11. (g,a)Down Circle – RC Car (Ethan pulls out a controller and is able to pilot around an RC car, upon hitting a player this will cause the barrel effect) – This can be cancelled out simply by pressing another button, if you press the button again whilst the car is out it will beep.
  12. (g,a)Forward Circle – Unstable Transformer (Ethan moves through a transformer with badly done wiring, this creates a trap for a short time that other players can crash into) – As in the game you must hold down the button until he passes through the trap or you will be stunned, this trap lasts for quite a while and will continuously shock players who stand within a certain distance.
  13. Up Throw – See-saw (Ethan grabs the player and pushes them back onto a see-saw, he can then press the down button to rock them up and down for AP up to 3 times)
  14. Down Throw – Airplane (Ethan mars pulls the player above him then accidentally drops them)
  15. Forward Throw – Helicopter (Ethan grabs the player by the hands and helicopters them around, he then lets go by mistake) – This is essentially a playful version of fat princess’s forward throw.


Ethan mars is not a combo heavy character as he is designed to be noob accessible, expect short ground combos that may be augmented using his deployables.


Intoxication allows Ethan to power up his melee moves at the expense of mobility, it is his double edged blade that will be appropriate situation-ally. Here are the core aspects:

  • Intoxication can be stacked, more stacks means more effect.
  • Each stack results in increased AP gain from melee (Square attacks) and increased punishment time between attacks (This includes attacks that are not improved)
  • 4 Stacks of Intoxication will cause Ethan to stumble and collapse.
  • Each stack deteriorates in approximately 7 seconds
  • If you die you will lose all your stacks.
  • Square attacks will gain increased knockback per stack.
  • Being AP Bursted will result in the loss of 1 stack.

So its a pretty clear-cut system, its a high risk/high reward scenario.


Level 1 – JASON! – (A Red Balloon spawns in-front of Ethan and he charged toward it) – This is essentially Fat princess’s Level 1 but he shouts “Jason!” instead of “Cake please!”

Level 2 – Hit by a car – (Ethan tries to save nearby players from a car but accidentally causes them to be hit) – This is a relatively underpowered Level 2 super but because of fast activation time will guarantee you 1 or more kills in crowds.

Level 3 – Kidnapped – (It starts raining and Ethan passes out. The screen goes black after-which we see him stood on a road, he then opens his hands to reveal an origami figure. We return to the game to see a screen-clearer, it is still raining heavily and Ethan shouts “NOOOOO!!” ) – First off, I stole this idea from IGN (thanks guys). Originally I wanted to make him Level 3 a Jason related dream but I think this is far more iconic of heavy rain without revealing all that much.


Anyone who has played heavy rain will appreciate the many references to the game made in his moveset and supers. As Ethan is not a fighter we will never achieve anything with the correct feel but this is as close as I could come up with. His moveset promotes keeping distance from crowds but also gives him the utility to handle some of the more intense melee characters. You can imagine him working similarly to Sackboy because of his deployable attacks with the added bonus of simpler melee combos that make him more accessible.

References: (Minor Spoilers)

  • During the scene were he must cut his finger off he can drink to alleviate pain. (Drink)
  • During the scene were Shaun is watching TV he can go outside to play basketball. (Basketball Shot)
  • During the scene were Shaun is watching TV he can microwave a pizza. (Microwave Pizza)
  • During the scene before Jason dies he can play with a remote control car briefly. (RC car)
  • During the scene before Jason dies he can Helicopter and Airplane with them in the garden. (Throws)
  • During the scene were Shaun and Ethan are in the park he can play with Shaun on the see-saw. (Throws)
  • During the first scene in his original house he can turn on the shower. (Shower trap)
  • During the scene were he must shoot the drug dealer he runs throwing obstacles behind him. (Obstacle)
  • During the scene were he must shoot the drug dealer he can shoot the drug dealer, if he chooses to do this he will throw up. (Gun shot)
  • During the scene were he entered the power-plant he must pass under wires to avoid being shocked. (Unstable Transformer)

Minor changes and Extras to follow, thank you for reading.


Intro 1 – Ethan Mars walks in from the side “I have to try”

Intro 2 – Ethan Mars is seen reading a text on his phone. (The implication being that this is a challenge)

Intro 3 – A box with the “Are you prepared to Kill” note and a gun is shown instead of Ethan.

Outro 1 – Ethan walks out quietly. (Most likely to the next challenge)

Outro 2 – Ethan is once again seen reading a text on his phone.

Outro 3 – Ethan is shown getting into a car.

Taunt 1 – Ethan begins to swings the toy sword around, he then realizes that his son is still missing and stares at the floor briefly.

Taunt 2 – Ethan shouts “SHAAUUUNN!!”.

Taunt 3 – Ethan holding his gun takes a photo with his phone and then throws up (This is a reference to the “Are you prepared to kill” challenge).

Losing Outro – A Drain full of water is seen (Implying that he has failed to save his son).


Costume 1 (Middle) – Given up on life, Costume 2 (Left) – Going straight to the top, Costume 3 (Right) – Look how casual I am



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