PSASBR – James Grayson Moveset

This will be the third article in my series of character movesets I want to see in All-stars. To anyone who has read my wishlist you will understand the reasons I chose to look at characters like James Grayson rather than the protagonists from the main series on playstation 3. I believe that Bend studios did a brilliant job in taking a game series with no characters of notable personality and giving us a protagonist as memorable as James Grayson. Burning skies didn’t perform all that well in sales and given Bend studios recent success with Golden Abyss a sequel to Retribution would help re-vitalize the Resistance IP. I should point out before I start that this is a generic Resistance moveset, by all means replace the name with Nathan Hale or Joseph Capelli if it makes this more appealing.


Core Character Aspects

As always we start by looking at the basic aspects that will eventually help us create the moveset.

  • Resistance is all about the weapons, we need to represent a diverse arsenal
  • Grayson has a strong personality that needs to be properly portrayed.

This being all about the weapons lets list which ones are used in the retribution game.

  • .303 Storm Rifle – Human rifle capable of firing grenades
  • Auger-FS – Chimeran rifle with bullets that can tunnel through obstables, also capable of firing portable shields.
  • Fareye FR-1 – Human sniper rifle capable of slowing down time to increase accuracy.
  • IWAO-R Chaingun – Human Chaingun with added shield preventing damage from infront.
  • L-206 LAARK – Rocket Launcher
  • Longbow 1S-1K – Railgun capable of 1 shot kills.
  • Plasma Grenade – Sticky Grenade
  • Schrotflinte .12 Guage – Human Shotgun capable of firing 1 or 2 shots at a time
  • Razor – Variant of the Bullseye that can charge up for multi-hit shots.
  • HE .44 Magnum – A revolver capable of firing rounds that can be detonated by a user.
  • RM-3 Knuckle-Duster – A knife used by Grayson during certain melee attacks

So there we already have the potential for a very diverse moveset rivaling that of characters like Ratchet, Jak and Radec. Moving on from that here is the basis for my moveset.

  • Grayson is a character based on utility.
  • Grayson is most effective at mid to long range with limited zoning ability.
  • Grayson takes some moves from the more popular main series for the sake of popularity.
  • Grayson is very vocal during a fight.

Moveset(g = Ground, a = Air)

  1. (g,a) Neutral Square – Weapon Strike (Grayson Strikes the target with his weapon, the animation, power and speed of the attack is dependent on the weapon he is holding) – This move can be used up to 3 times in succession to string a decent AP combo. With heavy weapons it is very unsafe.
  2. (g,a)Up Square – RM-3 Knuckle-Duster Up-Slash (Grayson hits enemies above him with a knife slash.) – This attack is relatively weak but sets up enemies for a quick diagonal projectile.
  3. (g,a)Down Square – Punch-Out (Grayson violently punches an enemies in-front of him into the ground whiting them out.)
  4. (g,a) Forward Square – RM-3 Knuckle-Duster Slash (Grayson slashes at a enemy infront of him) – A single slash that will crumple grounded enemies, it may also lead into combos but will not be a viable confirm for his level 1. This counts as a weapon that can be used in Neutral Square.
  5. (g,a) Neutral Triangle – Secondary Weapon fire (Grayson makes use of the second weapon function on his current loadout) – Listed below the moveset are the second weapon function along with their uses.
  6. (g,a) Up Triangle – Fire Up (Grayson fires his current loadout diagonally Upward.)
  7. (g,a) Down Triangle – Fire Down (Grayson fires his current loadout diagonally downward.)
  8. (g,a) Forward Triangle – Fire Forward (Grayson fires his current loadout forward)
  9. (g,a) Neutral Circle  – .303 Storm Rifle (Grayson takes out his assault rifle) – This gun has a mild stopping power slightly weaker than Drakes AK-47, it fires in short bursts and has little delay between volleys.
  10. (g,a) Up Circle – Advanced Auger-FS (Grayson takes out his Auger rifle) – This gun has a very strong stopping power but also a larger delay between shots, its bullets can also traverse through players after hitting them and obstacles such as walls and platforms.
  11. (g,a) Down Circle – Longbow 1S-1K (Grayson takes out his Longbow rifle) – This weapon acts as a sort of crumple gun that has a very long delay between shots, a mid range ability and a crumple effect on hit enemies. An Air Down Triangle shot will confirm his level 1 similar to Nariko’s confirm. This weapon is also chargeable  a fully charges shot will give the user more AP and cause a giga-punch like collapse effect. Hitting an enemy in the air will result in a knockback.
  12. (g,a) Forward Circle (Bullseye not out) – Bullseye Mark II (Grayson takes out his Bullseye rifle.) – This weapon has the highest firing rate with very little stopping power,  it functions very similarly to Good Cole’s bolt attack and with proper use can gain AP with little aggro building from other players.
  13. Up Throw – (Grayson headbutts the player and uppercuts them throwing them high into the air) – This links into a quick jump + Up Square or projectile shot.
  14. Down Throw – (Grayson kicks the player in the balls and then jumps on their back whiteing them out on the floor, he rolls backward then gets up) – The AP they drop is conveniently dropped in the direction of his roll making this a very effective move for stopping players reaching level 3.
  15. Forward Throw – (Grayson trips the player up and kicks them in the forward direction.) – Standard forward throw, may be useful for starting wall combos or super confirms.


As you may have guessed this is not a combo heavy moveset, he can do short square based combos but don’t expect any mid screen AP bursts.

Alternate Fire

.303 Storm Grenades – (Grayson fires a Frag Grenade from his rifle) – The grenades fire in an upwards forward arc and detonate on contact with the floor or a player. Its explosive power is slightly bigger than that of Radecs grenade and only 3 can exist at any one time. This is a good form of suppression, combined with the rifle it can be good for AP gain. Much like Radecs grenades these are easy to spot and will usually be blocked if seen, they have the same situational purpose.

Advanced Auger-FS – (Grayson uses his Auger to deploy a dome shield around him deflecting all incoming projectiles) – This shield will reflect all incoming projectiles fired by other players. As a key component in Grayson’s playstyle this move is not spam-able, only one can exist at a time and a delay between spawns exists. Other players can of-course move in and out of these shields without any effect, this opens the door for intelligent camping.  Keep in mind that projectiles fired from inside the shield will damage it and not move outside, the only weapon capable of firing through the shield (inside or outside) is of course the auger itself. This will not damage the shield making it the tool of choice for anyone inside. Pressing the alternate fire button with the auger out whilst a shield is deployed will instantly destroy the shield, when a shield is destroyed it triggers the cool-down timer indicated by a bright LED on the auger itself (This cannot be done instantly after creating one). The cool-down will most likely be around 10 seconds, otherwise a shield can go 30 seconds undamaged before disapearing. A shields health is easily scoped based on visibility (high health – very visible, low health – faint), as it runs out of energy on its 30 second duration it will slowly change colour from yellow to red. A shield left to turn red and run out its full duration will explode and stun anyone who is either inside or within 2 meters range. The final point is of course how much armour the shield has, this along with specific move AP costs I would leave to developers for the sake of balance.

Longbow 1S-1K – (Grayson charges his longbow into an powerful shot that can crumple multiple targets in a straight line, this attack can go through targets and stuns the player for a second after use) – A risky but powerful attack that if used properly can allow team-mates to rush in and get multiple kills. This is what you would call James’s ‘High risk, High reward’ loadout, he has no armour whilst charging this and is left completely open for 2 seconds or so after a use. I should point out that this may lead into a level 1 and is capable of confirming multiple targets to his level 2 (a lot of luck required).

 Bullseye Mark II – (Grayson launches a Bullseye Tag into an enemy in front, causing shots to home in after travelling a certain distance.) – These tags last for a certain amount of shots or until replaced, the shot itself acts similarly to Radecs Bolt shot and flashes to indicate which player is tagged. Once a player has their tag depleted they will be thrown off in an explosive blast, this is a major AP gainer for Grayson. You can imagine this as a slightly augmented version of Evil Cole’s lighting bolts, their range of-course is longer and the homing effect makes them almost impossible to avoid. Overall the AP gained from shots will be minor (possibly around 15 for the total tag to explosion), AP comes from the tag placement itself and the explosion at the end. The tag gives off 2 indicators, a blinking light (red, green, yellow, blue) depending on how many James players are present and a beep that accompanies the blinking. Players of-course will be aware that they are tagged and most likely block your bullseye fire, use throws, melee and shots in quick succession to get around this issue. A final point to mention here is that if you have tagged a certain player and then chose to fire on someone behind you the bullets will arc round to try and hit the tagged player. Not only this but they will not exceed a few degrees per frame and will not pass through platforms, despite this advantage you can use this unique behaviour to attempt trick shots and opponents that would otherwise be un-hittable.

The key to mastering this character lies with his alternate fire skills. The transition between weapons is speedy which allows a player to mix up what they use and when. Each weapon is in its own right incredibly situational, a player who chose’s to use one weapon for an entire match regardless of situation will find themselves at a large disadvantage  If you are being chased down by a Raiden player with an aggressive Square mashing technique the Bullseye will allow you to maneuver around him and get extra AP whilst setting him up for an easy ejection, using the longbow in this case would result in him beating out your speed with every move. Keep in mind that each weapon needs to be drawn upon use (including the knife), if you wait till an opponent is combo-ing you to try and take out your knife you will run into trouble.


Level 1 – L-206 LAARK (Grayson pulls out his LAARK and can take one shot as with any weapon) – This basically counts as a special loadout that can only be fired once, it can be used for weapon strikes for powerful knock-back attacks but this will not produce a kill.

Level 2 -IWAO-R Chaingun (Grayson pulls out his chaingun and deploys the frontward shield) – During this super Grayson can walk around at a slow pase and fire his chaingun, it is capable of changing angle relatively fast. As in resistance a frontward shield prevents damage being inflicted on the player from the front, other players cannot pass through this either. Shots from the chaingun penetrate platforms and are mid range, this is a devastating level 2 on small maps like Dojo and Rivals. He has a slightly delayed turnaround that will allow players the ability to flank him with crafty counter-supers.

Level 3 – Fareye FR-1 Concentration Mode (Grayson pull out his Sniper rifle and enters concentration mode) – This is an off-screen super similar to Radec’s, Ratchets and Slys. He can see players on the map through his rifle scope, during this time he can hold L1 to slow down the space within the scope for easy kills. He has a concentration bar that depletes over time which eventually ends the super.


This is a character who works best a mid range, his short range skill is somewhat lackluster making him an easy target for melee characters should they get close enough. His utility makes him a lot like ratchet in that he does not string long combos but has the arsenal to make up for it. His lack of mobility is made up for through his stopping power and formidable mid range defenses. The bullseye is great for chasing down enemies and gaining Ap faster while his other weapons like the longbow can cause series damage to unsuspecting enemies. His biggest weakness lies in a players inability to apply weapons situation-ally and keep other players at range. In these ways he will be quite an ‘annoying’ character, much like zoners who require distance to operate effectively. He is however forced to zone at mid range and must rely on his weapons to make up for this. I like to imagine him working similarly to a ‘Hard Mode’ ratchet, bad players will find themselves unable to just pick up and play Grayson professionally. Good Cole is in essence the nega-grayson (Cole – great mid range and alright short range, Grayson – great mid range and alright long range) in terms of zoning ability.


Intro 1 – Grayson walks in from the left and pulls out his assault rifle, he laughs briefly.

Intro 2 – Grayson turns to face the camera, he draws his knife. “Lets make this quick”

Intro 3 – Grayson is seen stomping on a Leeper “What do you want?”

Outro 1 – Grayson walks out to the right whilst reloading his assault rifle.

Outro 2 – Grayson is seen smoking a cigarette briefly with his Fareye strapped to his back. (The emblem on his jacket still visible)

Outro 3 – Grayson is seen reloading his Chaingun briefly.

Losing Outro – Grayson kicks the floor.

Taunt 1 – Grayson spars with thin air “You think your hard?”

Taunt 2 – Grayson spins his knife around “Don’t mess with me”

Taunt 3 – Grayson points in front of him “You should have just walked away”



Costume 1 is his original costume used throughout the game, a jacket containing a chimera skull and 2 guns in a cross along the back.

Costume 2 is his infected mode costume that can be used if you connect the game to Resistance 2. A SRPA uniform and yellow eyes.

Costume 3 is his prisoner or possibly casual clothing as seen in the opening cinematic whilst he is doing push-ups in his cell.


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