PSASBR – Aveline Moveset

As I have pointed out in previous posts Aveline from Assassins creed: Liberation  on vita is the only AC rep who is Sony exclusive, if that doesn’t make someone the most likely candidate I dont know what does. Anyway following on that logic and my love for the assassins creed series I figured this is the logical next character for me to build a moveset. Much like Kat from Gravity Rush, representing Aveline is likely to boost sales of the game which at this point isnt doing as well as it deserves to. I should point out the minus the supers and extras this moveset is 100% transferable onto another Assassins creed, so by all means replace Aveline with Edward, Connor or Ezio if it makes you happy.



Im going to try and keep the format between my movesets similar so you all can read them all without much confusion. Like my Lu Bu moveset I will now establish some core aspects of the game which will go into how the character plays.

  • Aveline like all AC reps is a mobile characters capable of great mobility for escaping and attacking.
  • Aveline unlike previous characters in the series has 3 distinct forms.
  • In Assassin Persona she has access to all her weapons but gains notoriety quickly (IGN)
  • The Slave persona is weak in combat but can insight riots. (IGN)
  • The Lady Persona cant fight that well but can charm men. (IGN)
  • Aveline has many weapons including a sugar-cane machete, pistols, a blowpipe, cleavers, grenades, a dagger, swords, a whip and of course the hidden-blade (AC Wikia)

We have the option to make a 3 form character much like Toro and to some extent Emmett but her second 2 personas dont fit all that well into combat. Not only that but she is the least know of all the possible reps, we dont want to let people down by giving her skills that dont seem to fit into the AC universe. So with that in mind here is the basis for my moveset.

  • Aveline is a fast, nimble character capable of great mobility for escaping attacks and gaining her advantage.
  • Aveline uses her great mobility as a way to quickly and efficiently carry out devastating super attacks.
  • Aveline plays soley in Assassin form making use of a few weapons from the series
  • Aveline has short range with melee weapons, she needs to use her mobility to get in close for those effective combos.
  • Aveline’s counter is the most effective way to ‘out melee’ her opponent.

Moveset(g = ground, a = air)

  1. (g,a)Neutral Square – Machete Slash (Aveline slashes forward with her machete, this can be done multiple times for comboing)
  2. (g,a)Up Square – Machete Accension (Aveline slashes upward with her machete, launching the opponent a characters height distance into the air) – This is intended to allow her to enter air combos much like raiden, it can be used after 3 neutral squares without breaking combo.
  3. (g,a)Down Square – Machete Slam ( Aveline jumps slightly and uses her weight to deliver a powerfull downward slash) – On the ground this causes a bounce effect, in the air it whites opponents out.
  4. (g,a)Forward Square – Machete slice (Aveline slices the machete through the air in-front of her causing a crumple effect) – faster than Emmetts, slower than raidens.
  5. (g,a)Neutral Triangle – Dual Pistol Quick-draw (Aveline takes out dual pistols and quickly fires them in the forward direction, this has a short cast but afterwards she must reload them. Reloading is done by pressing the button again and is best done straight after an enemy ejection)
  6. (g,a)Up Triangle – Above slash (Aveline quickly slashes the air above her causing anyone in that space to topple around until they land behind her) – Based on raidens Up Triangle, used to prevent players interfering with combat. Does not confirm her level 1.
  7. (g,a)Down Triangle – Backward stab (Aveline quickly stabs behind her causing anyone in a small range to fall to the ground slowly) – The giga-punch effect behind, it has a short cast time and is used to prevent players interfering with your fight. Despite its effect it cannot be used to confirm level 1. This may be a possible combo-starter or mid combo moves for especially fast players but would require sub-empty cancel type reflexes.
  8. (g,a)Forward Triangle – Blow-dart (Aveline fires a blow-dart at her opponent that randomizes their controls for a short duration) – Square, Triangle and circle are all randomized for a few seconds. Enemies are also slowed down by half. Similar duration to drakes dart. This can be held down for aiming, its range is the same as ratchets aiming gun.
  9. (g,a)Neutral Circle – Toggle Eagle Vision – (Explained above)
  10. (g)Up Circle – Counter of Escape (Aveline counters her opponents move, she then slashes at there legs tripping them over whiting them out) This is her escape counter, she can use it to suddenly force and enemy to the ground and run. It may also prove a useful Tech chasing ability. This counter has the fastest cast and recovery time making it the safest one to use.
  11. (a) Up Circle – Assassins Jump (Aveline performs a powerful jump launching her high into the air, she also gets wave dash immunity from this) – This move is the core of her mobility advantage. smart players may find many uses for this. It may serve as a more accurate and speedy ascent for her air combos. Jumping cannot be performed after this move.
  12. (g)Down Circle – Counter of Ejection (Aveline Counters her opponents move, she then chest kicks them backwards) – this move flows directly into her Neutral Triangle for a quick ejection of unwanted players. This counter has a reasonably long punishment time if it misses (like Heihachi’s).
  13. (a)Down Circle – Leap of Faith (Aveline dives at the ground landing in a roll) – The leap of faith sound is played when this happens, she also gains a short immunity when she hits the ground. This move is the second part of her mobility advantage, the combination of Assassins Jump and this move allow Aveline to cover a lot of ground in a very short time. It also makes her harder to super because her body is thinned out in a diving position.
  14. (g)Forward Circle –  Counter of Revenge (Aveline counters her opponents move, spins behind and slashes them in the back) – This move opens her for combos but does not have a particularly big stagger effect, she needs to move fast. This counter has similar punishment and cool-down periods to raidens counter.
  15. (a)Forward Circle – Grab Dash (Aveline swiftly swings forward in the air giving her short immunity and grabbing any players in front of her, this is a very short grab that keeps them at your height for an extra second. With haste can lead into an air combo) – You can imagine this move being a bit like Nariko’s Up Triangle Crossed with Dante’s Forward Circle. Its range is very short because its main purpose is to chain moves together or get enemies who may attack you into air combos.
  16. Up Throw – Aveline grabs the player with the end of a rifle and shoots them upwards (this can be used to start air combos)
  17. Down Throw – Aveline knocks a player to the ground then stomps on their chest ( this moves causes a bounce effect that can then be followed up by neutral square or forward circle)
  18. Forward Throw – Aveline staggers the player and delivers a powerful kick, throwing them far in the forward direction.


So as you may have guessed that Aveline is a very strong air character who’s main playstyle involves baiting players into combat whilst keeping others away, her moves don’t hit multiple people and as such she needs to keep control of the fight. She is capable of starting air combos just as easily as Nariko with the added bonus of easy ejection from any situation. Her combos for the most part will work similarly to raidens with some Dante like mobility thrown in.

Counters & Eagle Vision

NOTE: Eagle vision makes no sense within all-stars as it gives unfair advantages to players on the same screen, I will have to rethink this at some point.

This is were we really establish the most unique part of Aveline and give her that AC feel that she needs to be popular. Eagle vision is a skill which allows her a better view of combat by giving her the following views on players.

  • Players are coloured from blue to red based how close they are to AP bursting.
  • Players actively engaged in an attack are highlighted white, this effect occurs the second they press the button.
  • Objects and loose AP give off additional light.
  • Players who initiate supers have the same effect but heavily exaggerated.
  • Stage changes are detectable slightly before they happen.
  • During other Supers this ability shows an approximate area of danger around the character

Not quite eagle vision in AC but a fair representation, she is enhanced in terms of combat visibility. Keep in mind that this ability has a bar which only replenishes when the ability is not active, it can stay active for about 7 seconds before requiring recharge. The significance of highlighting attacking players is pretty clear if you’ve played AC games, she knows exactly when to counter. Her abundance of countering skills means she can easily turn the tables on any melee character. The fact that these do not prevent knockback from projectiles balances this out. Keep in mind that although not all those things may not make up eagle vision, a combination of a few would work just as well. The only crucial component is highlighting characters.


Level 1 – Aveline Assassinates a player directly in-front of her (very short range). If noone is above her she launches a blow-dart directly forward, assuming it hits a player within a short distance she launches at them and assassinates them. The melee version of this is very fast but does not effect crumples or collapsing enemies, confirms do exist however. The distance version of this can be interrupted from either a player hitting her during the jump or a player hitting her just as she lands. Her level 1 is limited to 1 kill in both situations.

Level 1 Alt – Aveline rushes forward and assassinates a player within a certain distance (Sweet tooth super 1 distance). Interruptibility is similar to sweet tooth’s but this super can only get 1 kill, it has a very low AP cost.

Level 2 – Aveline calls out Connor Kenway who will move around the map and attack close-by players, he cannot kill them however. Aveline during these periods can assassinate players in a much less dodge-able fashion to her level 1. Duration similar to Raidens Level 2, players can kill Connor but this does not end the super. Connors attacks are hard to dodge and he uses homing darts, stabs etc to keep players still for as long as possible.

Level 3 – Eagle vision is enabled for the full duration of this super. During this super Aveline gains access to her full arsenal and can freely go around killing players using the following moves.

  • All circle buttons activate rope darts in their respective direction, pulling in enemies from long range (wastes almost no time)
  • All triangle buttons activate a tomahawk in their respective direction, killing enemies at mid range (wastes a little bit of time).
  • All Square buttons activate the hidden blade in their respective direction, killing enemies dramatically at close range (wastes no time)

Players start off this super stunned, netting Aveline at least 3 kills. After dying once players can run around to avoid her. This has a duration similar to raidens level 3. The stun duration is similar to dante’s/drake’s (pre nerf).


Intro 1 – Aveline jumps in from above into crouch position.

Intro 2 – Aveline walks in and draws her machete.

Intro 3 – A cart of hay is visible followed by Aveline doing a leap of faith into it.

Outro 1 – Aveline retracts her hidden blade and turns around. (Note: This could be make more interesting if we display the character she killed the most on the ground in front of her.)

Outro 2 – Aveline and Connor are seen together

Outro 3 – Aveline  is seen sitting on a bench incognito

Taunt 1 – Aveline Poses with her Machete (I dont know what she would say)

Taunt 2 – Aveline blows a kiss, this may be hard to see so a small heart will float away for clarity.

Taunt 3 – Aveline says something vaguely new orleandish (???), maybe she pulls out and plays are harmonica? (suggestions welcome here)

Losing Outro – Aveline falls to the floor (how she dies in the game)



Pretty straightforward really, I know that this doesn’t promote consistency but there is no reasons to make up 3 costumes when she already has 3. The main one being of course the middle one and the DLC one being the lady outfit (Left)


So there you have it, a viable, non-overpowered assassins creed representative for PSASBR. Her playstyle unlike most characters attempts to promote advance tactics and battlefield knowledge over simply hack and super play. She is as you would expect a very strong melee character because in AC that is what you do, you fight large groups of enemies by cleverly countering their strikes and killing 1 at a time. In Assassins creed they often wait for you to finish attacks, in all stars we know that isn’t true so the ability to control multiple players is crucial. Her counters for the most part are not as explosive as other players like Dante, Raiden and sly which invoke short periods of vulnerability (with the exception for forward circle). Her other 2 counters are all about keeping yourself safe or controlling space. Unlike other melee characters her moves dont require dedication, quickly moving from one opponent to the next is essential in AC to prevent yourself being stabbed in the back. Her level 1 is designed to be unpredictable, something vaguely hard to land but also difficult to dodge. The alternative version simplifies this to a sweet tooth style charge but in my opinion doesn’t encourage a high quality of play from the player using her. You cant charge murder someone in the real games so why should you be able to do it here?. Following on from this moveset she is most likely to prove the bane of characters such as Raiden, Kratos, Dante, Parappa and Heihachi whilst proving ineffective against characters like Radec, Emmett, Fat Princess, Nariko, Ratchet etc. Her weakness is of-course being zoned which is where her superior mobility comes into play. A player who can keep his at distance whilst covering themselves for attack from above will likely fair the best.


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