PSASBR – Lu Bu Moveset

Lu Bu to me is an interesting character because although he is not an all-star per say, he does provide an opportunity for unique gameplay. Although I personally see little chance of him making it into the game I think coming up with a moveset would be fun because of how well the character would fit into all-stars.

Its Lu Bu!!!


Lu Bu stats

So let me start off in the obvious place and highlight the basics aspects of the character that will make up his moveset:

  • Dynasty warriors combos system uses the triangle and square buttons to perform a large range of combos, these are all simple to perform and require very little timing.
  • Within Dynasty warriors exists 2 kinds of ‘super’ known as mosou and break attacks.
  • Lu Bu is known for his explosive might, and is often considered to be a demon in human form along with his horse red hare.
  • The Dynasty warriors feel is achieved with a combination of Americanized “excellent job!” type phrases upon goal completion and cheesy guitar music.

So with those in mind here are some of the basic principles of his all-stars portrayal that will make him unique.

  • Lu Bus combos all involve Neutral Square and Neutral Triangle, directional moves are impossible to combos with.
  • Lu Bus combos are all firmly grounded and can hold multiple enemies at once.
  • Lu Bus horse plays a small role in his moveset.
  • Lu Bus specials are based on his mosou and break attacks.
  • Lu Bu is a slow character capable of locking down enemies incredibly easily but at high risk to himself.

He is beginning to sound like a character and if you have played dynasty warriors you may know where I am going with this. If not I would highly recommend the game if you have any interest in Asian culture or button mashing..

Moveset: (Key g=ground a=air)

  1. (g)Neutral Square – Swing 1 (mashing repeatedly leads into swing 2, 3 and so on) – this is a slow attack at first but after the first hit is almost inescapable, however because the attack has large range the enemy moves slightly further out with each hit. This can be performed up to 6 times unless interrupted.
  2. (a)Neutral Square – Swing (this move can be used twice in quick succession for abit of easy AP and knockback) – somewhat inconsistent with DW because his air neutral square is in fact down square.
  3. (g,a)Up Square – Halberd Launch (Lu Bu uppercuts with his halberd launching the enemies into the air) – this move hits people in front and diagonally, it may also hit enemies directly above with large hit-boxes.
  4. (g,a)Down Square – Halberd Smash (Lu Bu white out his enemies with a powerful downward halberd smash) – much like Emmett stomp this gains power with distance in the air.
  5. (g,a)Side Square – Halberd hilt strike (Lu Bu crumples his enemies with a hilt strike to the gut)
  6. (g)Neutral Triangle – Strong 1 (this will cause lubu to charge up for a moment the shout with incredible power, much like a sound wave) – High AP gain at High risk, using this after square attacks produces different attacks.
  7. (a)Neutral Triangle – Strong hit ( a powerful shout that will charge up and strike once, throwing opponents away from lu bu in all directions)
  8. (g,a)Up Triangle – Strong kick ( Lu Bu kicks his opponent diagonally upwards, as a strong attack this requires a short charge period)
  9. (g,a)Down Triangle – Strong Smash (Lu Bu Stomps the earth with incredible power, as a strong attack this requires a short charge period) – While his Halberd Smash hits people in front of him, this move hits people around him. It also incurs a longer recovery time, much like purgatory.
  10. (g,a)Side Triangle – Strong Punch (This is Lu Bus fastest move, it delivers a swift punch to the enemy throwing them backwards, as a strong attack this requires a short charge period) – this will set people up for a square combo but may not allow for the full 6 swing duration.
  11. (g,a)Neutral Circle – Counter (A counter of incredible power, very risky with great pay-off) – this counter lasts very long has some interesting effects I will mention below.
  12. (g,a)Up Circle – Summon Red Hare (Lu Bu whistles, summoning his might steed who for a duration provides him with incredible mobility while limited him to Neutral Square and Neutral Triangle strikes) – In this form he cannot combo beyond 2 hits, he is also easily knocked of by any form of air strike.
  13. (g,a)Alternative Up Circle – Stun arrow (Lu Bu fires a flurry of arrows diagonally upward stunning anyone they hit for a short duration) – True to the game series as arrows without mosou armour cause a short stun, this is essentially Sir Daniels move at a lower angle with more than one arrow and less stun.
  14. (g,a)Down Circle – De-Summon Red Hare (Lu Bu tells his horse to leave at which point it leaves the screen) – this will make sense when I explain below.
  15. (g,a)Alternative Down Circle – Stun arrow ( Lu Bu fires a flurry of arrows diagonally downward stunning anyone they hit for a short duration) – similar to the above move but downward, meant for use in the air but may provide Lu Bu some utility for combos.
  16. (g,a) Side Circle – Aim-able Arrow shot (Lu Bu fires a single arrow in the forward direction, if held this can be aimed to a slightly different angle) – These are incredibly long range and have minimal stopping power (slightly more than Kratos arrows), Their main purpose is to create aggro by providing him with a way to generate AP at distance.
  17. (g,a)Alternative Side Circle – Meat Bun consumption (Lu Bu pulls out and eats a small meat bun which increases his speed by a small amount temporarily.


The combo system is quite simple. Lu Bu can perform up to 5 Square hits after which a neutral triangle can be added to create the final combo. This is risky to him as he cannot cancel out once triangle has been pressed, these combos can often require time and space that other players may not give you (Naturally he will be a somewhat weak FFA player if played badly). Here is a full list of his possible combos:

  • Square, Triangle
  • Square, Square, Triangle
  • Square, Square, Triangle, Triangle
  • Square, Square, Square, Triangle
  • Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle
  • Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle
  • Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, Triangle

This may seem strange or under-thought to people who haven’t played Dynasty warriors before but strangely enough that is exactly how the system works, it is also his exact unchanged combo map. Every character in the game features 1 double triangle combo that is often the best and most effective for high damage, Lu Bu is no exception. No other moves listed above lead into any combos apart from hilt strike which is meant as his kill confirm.

Note: His double triangle combo is somewhat un-viable as a move, I would suggest not using the one from next and creating a new one.

Heres your proof:

Lu Bu Moveset


Although this could work like a normal counter I believe following on from the duelling system in DW: Next there is potential for something more. So how does countering work in the game? well basically during a duel a character strikes slowly, striking back quickly results in a stagger, striking back slowly results in a clash of swords after which frantic screen touch mashing is required. So with that in mind imagine a counter than can either be used well to provide a quick powerful AP gain and knockback, but if used incorrectly results in both players locked in a button mashing contest for a short duration. This would have to be very short to prevent people simply coming in for a quick 2 kills and as indicated above allow players to overpower Lu Bu and gain a crumple on him. (Have a look at this, 0:24) Implementing the touch mashing on vita would be an awesome inclusion but require a lot of unnecessary hard work on the developers part. Alternatively for simplicity replacing this mashing with a heavy punishment period would be acceptable, the sound effect for a broken block should be played to indicate this counter failure.

Red hare

Finally we have the horse, in DW games a mount can be summoned using D-pad Up hence Up Circle. I chose to include this because of how iconic the horse is in comparison to other aspects of Lu Bu. If this was not implemented as a mount it would have to be a super. So lets say that the horse stands in the background much like Emmetts loadouts, when the player approaches and pressed x he can mount the horse and ride him around for. Before people start moaning about balance lets say that although the horse is faster it also increases his hitbox size significantly and his AP gain whilst on the horse is relatively low. The horse is however far from useless with it being a potentially deadly tool for rushing in matches where players attempt to zone you because you are to slow to catch them. Atop the horse only Neutral button moves work and can barely be changed if not only to disrupt enemies and create havoc whilst looking super bad-ass  Last thing to mention is that the horse will move of its own accord towards you if you whistle with Circle. You will also be penalized AP if you choose to leave the horse alone for long periods of time, this is why the de-summon move exists. I understand the horse is a somewhat confusing mechanic to visualize in the game, I should point you to such things as Dusty (Kat’s Cat) as proof that this is viable. A similar mechanic also exists within the SSBB universe, Wario’s motorcycle.

and finally the supers…

His level 1 is either a mosou derived from DW:7 “COME AND SHOW ME WHAT YOU’VE GOT!” (have a look, 0.27) or if mounted on his horse a fast forward charge (I cant find a video but this happens in the game aswell)

His Level 2 is his mosou derived from DW: 8 “AHHHHHHHHH!!!” (have a look, 0.26) powerful, long and deadly if your in his path. If you happen to be the first player hit you get to watch yourself die, then be used as a weapon to kill others. As its duration suggests its heavily punishable within a certain time-frame, you might want to imagine it similar to Jak’s level 2 pre buff. I would want this implemented as a underpowered level 2 so players feel the pressure when going for that risky level 3. It may be easy to grab that first player but anyone you don’t get can easily come in and steal 2 kills.

Alternative Level 2 is a horseback assault where he summons red hare and for a short time can use arrows to stun enemies and his halberd to sweep them for kills. (this is only implemented if the horse is not part of his moveset.

His Level 3 is an attack in which  troops constrict players as he goes round and slaughters them one by one. This is a long lasting mosou in which he rides red hare around and dispatches player ins cool ways much like Nariko’s. During this sequence a shorten version of the following plays (have a look). There is a lot of shouting, anger and rage. As with all characters a cut-scene introduces the super, he powers up and mounts red hare. As he starts riding a soldier shouts “Its Luu buu!!!” (have a look). The troops constricting player are trying to flee lu bu and accidentally fall over onto players. This entire mosou takes place on a separate area to the stage with no platforms but large running space.


Intro 1 – Lu Bu walks in and swings his halberd aggressively toward the camera “ahhhhh!”

Intro 2 – Lu Bu jumps in and says “You insects dare to oppose me!”, also stamps his halberd on the ground.

Intro 3 – Lu Bu rides in on Red Hare and takes out a soldier. “Out of my way!”

Outro 1 – Lu Bu poses with his halberd behind his back as seen above.

Outro 2 – Lu Bu and Red hare are seen, red hares front 2 legs are in the air.

Outro 3 – Lu Bu is seen with several ‘other’ troopers (yellow and flag) cheering in the background.

Losing Outro – Lu Bu is tied up in a similar way to how he is presented to Cao Cao when captured.

Taunt 1 – “Can anybody provide me with a decent challenge?”, he raises his halberd in the direction he is facing.

Taunt 2 – “Weakling”, he swings his halberd around a bit.

Taunt 3 – “This base is all mine!” (this would be confusing to people who aren’t familiar with the series but provide a bit of humour to an otherwise intense character)



Costume 1


Costume 2

3. My understanding is that a third costume exists as DLC so thats sorted.


So in summary Lu Bu would be an awesome character, his moveset is diverse and although he may appear overpowered he is has clear drawbacks in FFA due to his dependency on long lasting attacks (much more so than Nariko). He has a very large melee range and simple to perform combos that make him accessible to new players. Despite being somewhat unknown his utility would make him a commonly seen and to some extent widely feared character to face. If anything his inclusion to the game would breath some life into a popular yet dying IP.


8 thoughts on “PSASBR – Lu Bu Moveset

  1. Don’t like the idea of red hare. The horse is better off being left as an intro/outro.
    Don’t like the idea of Lu Bu being a slow character. Doesn’t make sense, the guy isn’t slow at all in DW.

    Everything else is alright.

    • I think if you made him faster he would just end up being another kratos, plus I added some images, speed is his lowest stat. That is the case for all characters but its something to go on none the less. Also If you have better usage for the circle buttons I would love to hear it, The horse was a very last minute-y thing that I added.

  2. “Lu Bus combos all involve Neutral Square and Neutral Triangle, directional moves are impossible to combos with.”

    I bet you had a hand in making Kat, didn’t you?

    • Me thinks you have never though a good kat. Most her bursts start with down triangle and end with up triangle, forward triangle. Also she is airbourne for most of her combos..

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  4. Yeah, Lu Bu would be an awesome character! I liked the moveset, but for his Lv1 I would put his classic musou atk (pre DW6), for Lv2 his regular DW7 musou atk, for his Lv2 alt he would charge with red hare, and finally for his Lv3 he would turn into his spcecial form from DW Strikeforce and use for a few seconds his halbert-shuriken-thing. Just an idea, but I would be more than happy with his appearance with the moveset you explained.

    • I haven’t played strike-force 😦 but implementing something from it would probably make me and most other players of the series who haven’t played strike-force to just go WTF. The other 2 are basically already what you’ve said.

      • Huh, actually I never played strikeforce as well 😛
        This is just my opinion if Lu Bu would transform on Lv3. But, whatever, he would pwn his enemies anyway XD

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