PSASBR – James Grayson Moveset

This will be the third article in my series of character movesets I want to see in All-stars. To anyone who has read my wishlist you will understand the reasons I chose to look at characters like James Grayson rather than the protagonists from the main series on playstation 3. I believe that Bend studios did a brilliant job in taking a game series with no characters of notable personality and giving us a protagonist as memorable as James Grayson. Burning skies didn’t perform all that well in sales and given Bend studios recent success with Golden Abyss a sequel to Retribution would help re-vitalize the Resistance IP. I should point out before I start that this is a generic Resistance moveset, by all means replace the name with Nathan Hale or Joseph Capelli if it makes this more appealing.


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PSASBR – Aveline Moveset

As I have pointed out in previous posts Aveline from Assassins creed: Liberation  on vita is the only AC rep who is Sony exclusive, if that doesn’t make someone the most likely candidate I dont know what does. Anyway following on that logic and my love for the assassins creed series I figured this is the logical next character for me to build a moveset. Much like Kat from Gravity Rush, representing Aveline is likely to boost sales of the game which at this point isnt doing as well as it deserves to. I should point out the minus the supers and extras this moveset is 100% transferable onto another Assassins creed, so by all means replace Aveline with Edward, Connor or Ezio if it makes you happy.


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PSASBR – Lu Bu Moveset

Lu Bu to me is an interesting character because although he is not an all-star per say, he does provide an opportunity for unique gameplay. Although I personally see little chance of him making it into the game I think coming up with a moveset would be fun because of how well the character would fit into all-stars.

Its Lu Bu!!!

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Playstation 4 speculation

Im sure alot of you know that Sony has a big announcement coming along soon, 22nd of February to be exact. I personally believe they are going to give us some if not all of the important information about the Playstation 4, the conference seems to be pretty high profile so I cant imagine it being for anything else.

Following on from the little information I know about the console here is what I believe the console needs to make a splash next generation.

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