Designing the perfect space exploration MMO – Object scaling

We have talked about dealing with size aswell as distances and social interaction but we haven’t gone into object scaling. A 1 man ship approaching a planet would need to deal with it going from the size of a single pixel to potentially a real-world scale where the ship may resemble a car on earth. A task possible with a lot of loading but we want movement within a system to be completely fluid so thats not an option. The simplest way to deal with this would be to display objects differently based on distance. A planet at long range would be rendered as a simple sphere giving off light (just as they look in real life), the closer a player got the more detail would be added until it physically takes shape. Size is also going to mater here so we will allow smaller ships to see finer detail than larger ones. This of course applies to the ships themselves, a small ship would see a large ship in great detail while it would be rendered to the large ships pilot as a simple shape or even a point. Going on with this premise lets look at how I want to scale the game.

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PSASBR – My Complete Wishlist (Updated for 26/05/2013)

Im going to take a short break from my regular posting to write about a game I spend a large amount of my time playing now.


If you haven’t heard of it Playstation All Stars Battle Royale is a 4 Player fighting game similar to Smash Bros (google it). This is less of an article and more of a straightforward wishlist regarding all the changes I want to the game. Im going to try and keep this realistic, a lot of people ask the impossible of game developers or sometimes things best placed in a sequel. Anyway Enjoy my wishlist and comment if you get the chance..

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Designing the perfect space exploration MMO – Cooperation in deep space

In this post Ill talk abit about cooperation with of course the obvious starting point being clans/guilds/organizations. Pretty much every MMO to date has had a guild system, its a very straightforward way to cluster players together for cooperation or separate them for conflict. I feel a straight up guild system isnt appropriate here so I decided to come up with a more realistic solution.

Taking my own life as an example its not to hard to see where the graph Im about to show you comes from. I am a student and I reside within multiple groupings that provide different levels of cooperation.

I work within a University, that university is part of a larger grouping of university’s which itself is part of a larger grouping of public facilities provided by the government. Within the University I am part of the School of Computing and Mathematics as well as several clubs and societies. Completely separate from all of this is my allegiance to the BCS(British Computing Society).

After the break is my proposed multi-layered guild system which I will explain in detail.

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Designing the perfect space exploration MMO – Basics of Hostility

When planning how to tackle hostility we have a wide variety of options to choose from. Very few games have a full on FFA system where players can attack anything and anyone, mainly because it doesn’t work. We are trying to avoid a system in which players feel they are at unfair disadvantage against other players, but also promote hostility between factions. Its also best we take into account player online times and the need to defend constructs they have created. So lets establish some basic PVP rules for our space MMOG, for the moment I will avoid talking about the consequences of defeat because that really depends on how are ships will work. Lets go along with the idea that players can freely attack other players or constructs in combat, bar some form of allegiance system (factions, guilds etc). Going along with this premise lets establish some principles..

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Designing the perfect space exploration MMO – Communication

Social interaction is quite a wide topic of discussion so for now I’m going to break it down to a few types communication, hostility and cooperation. In this post Ill talk specifically about communication.

The use of a simple chat system presents an elegantly and simple solution to this problem. I personally don’t like the idea of implementing basic communication this way because it distracts from the realism. If messages can travel instantaneously why cant ships? I’m sure we could make up some hogwash involving miniature wormholes but I prefer not to sidestep the issue. We have the opportunity to create a unique communication system which will make the game stand out above others. So with that all in mind here are some principles to my idea..

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