Designing the perfect space exploration MMOG – Introduction

Following on from my interest in the illusive MMOG project Infinity universe I decided to take a stab at designing my own true space exploration based MMOG. As a Sci-Fi obsessed long time MMO player the idea of a proper space based MMOG excites me beyond belief, of course the word proper is subjective so here is what I am referring to.

  • Space is very big, the game world should be as well.
  • Scales in space vary massively, game objects should do as well.
  • No 2 objects are the same, game objects need to be generated dynamically (No 2 planets the same)

Realistically no current MMO space game comes close to fulfilling these requirements (apart from maybe EVE online), not unexpected as a lot of problems arise from attempting to create this kind of game. Stay tuned for a series of articles where I will share my vision and how I believe it is achievable.


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