My favorite games, where have they gone? (Pokemon Edition)

I figure if I want this blog to work out I need to keep the ball rolling, so here I go with some original content. I am going to talk a bit about my favorite games from childhood (before my MMOG phase) and where they have gone.

Pokemon Snap: The game that created a new generation of photographers

Pokemon Snap Starting screen

Obvious place to start off, this game kept me distracted through much of my childhood (when I wasn’t playing on my Gameboy). You really have to question the appeal of this game, it was basically just a form of rail shooter disguised as a Pokemon game. At the time however any game branded with Pokemon instantly got my attention (much like Star Wars does now), it wasn’t long until I was hooked. Who knows how many photographers these days owe their initial interests to Pokemon snap, yet here we are in 2012 with no sequel in site?

Where is Pokemon Snap 2?

Beyond speculation there is no real basis at the moment for solid proof of a Pokemon snap 2, a real shame if you ask me but considering the recent release of the 3DS and Wii U (2 consoles including cameras) a sequel would definitely fit in well. So what do we have to work with this time round?

  • An expanded universe containing over 4x as many Pokemon – A diversity of gameplay.
  • Better hardware – Additional features required for a next-gen experience
  • Augmented reality technology – A overlapping of 2 worlds?
  • Wii U and DS sensors – A more camera-like feel.

So all the elements for a next-gen Pokemon snap sequel exist, its unfortunate to think no such game is likely to exist. Given some thinking time I may speculate more but for now this is as far as I can take it. What I do expect however is a Pokemon Snap HD, don’t let me down Nintendo!

Pokemon Colosseum: The game that made Pokemon storytelling non-portable

Ill try and avoid making this entire post about Pokemon games but unfortunately my gaming life was fueled by Pokemon for a long time. Pokemon Stadium and Colosseum were the only other games besides snap to truly succeed in a non-portable (or card based) format, much like Pokemon snap, Colosseum has not been resurrected although I personally believe the chances of seeing a sequel are much higher. Pokemon games are slowly becoming more 3D but nothing to date has properly matched Pokemon Colosseum.  Pokemon Colosseum brought the real Pokemon game feel to us in the first true non-portable game with a true Pokemon story. A captivating experience still completely unmatched by the random spin-off console releases that have plagued us since the beginning of the franchise.

 Where is Pokemon Colosseum 2?

My current understanding is that Pokemon Battle Revolution has carried on a similar format to Pokemon stadium, although I believe the story aspect is left out. I can only imagine the sales of Pokemon Colosseum suggested no need for a sequel, although personal experience says otherwise. Lets take a similar approach to above and look at what they have to work with this time round.

  • An expanded universe…
  • Better hardware – The ability to showcase a stunning HD depiction of the Pokemon universe for the first time ever.
  • Better story telling ability – The possibility to bring in a different audience with better story telling, or captivate the older one and bring them back in. (I for one am still open to buying a Wii U)
  • Among much more..

So all the ingredients for a next-gen Pokemon Colosseum game are there but for some reason the game isn’t, get on with it Nintendo..

As a quick side note I have heard talk of an official Pokemon MMO, a lot of games this generation are moving to the MMO format (KOTOR, Elder scrolls, Fallout etc) so its perfectly possible. Will it work? Well turn-based combat systems in an online environment are always going to be difficult. In saying that we can look at the success of the Myth Wars series as proof that it is possible, is another cash-cow MMORPG on its way? Well soon see..


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