Allow me to introduce myself

Welcome to yet another pointless blog!

Losing Poker to a dog

Herein lies yet another random gamer ranting about anything and everything that comes to mind.

Well hopefully not… I hope to use this blog as a starting point from which to build a portfolio and establish myself in the games industry, whoever you are your welcome to come along for the ride.

A bit about myself

  • I grew up in the early 00s.
  • I am from 3 separate countries and speak 2 languages fluently. (Spanish & English)
  • I attend university in the UK, graduating this year. (Computer Science)

Growing up as a gamer

Like a lot of people my age the soundtrack to my childhood was the Pokemon games (specifically red,crystal and ruby). Unlike a lot of people my age I got my first computer at age 11, becoming a hardcore MMORPG gamer instantly. I was among the youngest to play Anarchy-Online successfully despite its overly complex stat system which I continued to do for 6 years. Over the past 7 years I have played some 30+ MMORPGs although my last few years have seen me playing games from multiple genres.

As I wanted to keep this introduction short I will end it here, stay tuned for some interesting articles to follow. Don’t expect a gaming news site, go over to joystiq for that..


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