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Over the years Ive been involved in various small blog projects and youtube channels, considering this blog will be void of content for a while to come I present to you some of my previous articles. Enjoy my outdated opinions on the next generation of MMORPGs (almost all out already) as well as a link to the dead blog it occupies.

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http://globalgamers.wordpress.com – A gaming blog under which I posted as digidevil4 (my true gaming alias)

Below is the article in question originally titled “MMO Gamers Rejoice”, published November 10 2009.

[MMO Gamers Rejoice]

Why you ask? because the next generation of MMOG’s are just around the corner. Here is some games that you should be paying attention to in the near future.

5. Guild Wars 2
As a big fan of guild wars I am confident that GW2 will deliver massively. I for one cannot wait for its release. As one of the better known games on our list I will be brief. If you haven’t played Guild wars you are missing out big time, the game is a 1 time payment. It boasts in my opinion the most balanced PvP balance Ive ever seen in an MMOG, great lone wolf capabilities with a stunning storyline and its simplicity leave it open to the newbies of the MMOG scene.

4. The Secret World
As of now very little is known about the latest game to come from Funcom, the people that brought you Anarchy Online (My favorite MMO of all time) and Age of Conan. Since the apparent failing of Age of Conan they have been under heavy fire from the gaming community and when they announced this new title alot of people where skeptical. Let me tell you something about Funcom, if there is one thing they know how to do it is Sci-fi, the novel upon which Anarchy Online is based (Prophet without honor) is still my favorite novel of all time. From what I hear the man who wrote it is also involved in The secret world making this game something worth paying attention too. I highly recommend you watch the trailers on youtube which may not show game play but keep in mind the game is running on the next gen engine of Age of Conan (The current best looking MMOG).

3. Star wars The old republic
This game is being made by Bioware and is a direct descendant of the Knights of the old republic series, which are arguably two of the best RPG’s in existence. They also made Mass Effect which is also known these days as an example of a great RPG. Apart from that it is Star wars! Making an MMOG on top of a story like star wars where you pretty much have everything designed and a world that could easily be brought to life suggests it would be hard to make a mess of it. In saying that the release of Star Wars galaxies showed us that you can mess up an MMORPG of Star Wars. Nevertheless I have absolute confidence in Bioware and pray that this game meets me expectations. Make sure you check out the trailers and website for more info.

2. All points Bulletin (APB)
This one caught me by surprise, luckily I made it into the beta and I have to say I am extremely impressed. For those you who are wandering what the hell APB is it is basically what you would classify as GTA online but you can be on the right side of the law if you so choose. The game has no levels and is played from a third person viewpoint, the customization is insane. The character creator gave me the impression I could actually make myself for once, you can design tattoos, cars paint jobs, emblems and all other sorts of things. There are no levels so your gameplay consists as an enforcer either witnessing crimes and taking the criminal responsible or as a criminal committing crimes and shooting police officers. As the beta progresses I will keep you posted on things but for now I am not allowed to post screenshots and videos.
Make sure to check out the trailer and sign up for the beta.

1. Infinity Quest for earth
Here is what I consider to be possibly the best MMOG ever from my perspective if done properly. I am really into Sci-fi and the very idea of a spaceship based MMO in a large universe where leveling isn’t present excites me beyond anything other type of game release on any console. The concept art and 3D models look amazing and the game is twitch based combat so none of that stupid click and move rubbish we are so used to. Recent evidence from the blog has led me to think that the game is attempting to give us true scale and in this it can generate galaxies, not only this but it also uses real life physics to determine the behavior of stars such as where it lies on the main sequence. If this game follows similar patterns in other areas of astronomy I can see it being the most complex and dynamic MMOG ever and as sci-fi fan I can hardly wait for this game.
Go to the blog and see for yourselves to find out more.

[/MMO Gamers Rejoice]

Ok so that’s the full article, here is a little update on the titles I talked about back then.

Guild wars 2: The game released recently and is currently one of the top MMORPGs of 2012, unfortunately I haven’t had the time or money to play it this year. Rest assured I will be getting my hands on it some time next year.

TSW: Also released this year and recently became a 1 time purchase. With the current trends towards F2P and micro-transactions this is to some extent a breath of fresh air. Also have yet to play but top of my list, anything by Funcom draws me in.

SWTOR: This game released in 2011 and absolutely blew galaxies out of the water, with a WoW like system disguised in Star Wars appeal. As a star wars fan I was playing this at open beta and only stopped some 3 months ago, 4 level 50s later I can say time very well spent. The introduction of micro-transactions and F2P have kept me at a distance since I stopped playing, I have a lot to say on this topic which I will write up in a separate post. Heres a picture of my original main when I first started playing, type my name into youtube and I am raiding on most my characters.


APB: I played this game heavily at beta and was very dissapointed following its shut down. Although It has been resurrected recently I will confess that I haven’t payed it much attention, I still consider this one of the most unique MMOGs out there. The concept is rock solid but the game needs console releases and 1 time purchase. There is me and my favorite van, the level of customization in this game blew me away.


Infinity: I continued to follow this game for a year or 2 after making the post, unfortunately the developers appear to have released almost new except an absolutely beautiful tech demo. Development has been quiet for the past 2 years but evidence suggests this will be changing in the near future.

Anyway that’s all for now, enjoy.


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