SMITE god concepts – meta post

My production of concepts for smite increased pretty dramatically for a time and as a result I fell out of posting them here. Instead of adding an additional 11 concepts one-by-one I’ve decided to make a meta-post with all of them linked to reddit where they currently reside.

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Toxicity: The average game.

I am writing this partly to vent but mostly out of interest in creating a positive game experience for everyone.
The first thing I feel needs mentioning is that game developers have to acknowledge that if their games experience is being heavily effected by toxicity their game needs improving. You can have an incredibly well designed game which itself is built to provide the best possible game experience but if the players playing it are all complaining about each other something is wrong, the game needs to deal with this and in my personal opinion it should take precedent over anything else.
This is primarily going to be about League of Legends because LOL and MOBAs in general I feel have the biggest toxicity issues currently in gaming. As such you probably wont understand most of what Im talking about if you are not familiar with LOL.
Think of that feeling you get when you finish a game, thinking about your role in that game, how other players affected your mood, how balanced you think the game was. If you ask the average player about how a game went they will probably not give you a positive response because on the whole in most mobas toxicity is becoming an epidemic which more and more players are succumbing to. “x player fed”, “x player was AFK”, “x player was insulting everyone”.. the list goes on but generally it comes down to another player who has affected the game experience negatively.
Source: google images

Source: google images

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Soul Sacrifice’s Eternal recursion as the premise for an Online game.

This is just a thought I’ve been having recently about Soul sacrifice, a ‘Monster Hunter’ type game on PS Vita.

Warning Spoilers from here onwards! – Eternal Recursion in the game refers to the continuous ending and recreating of the world. The game is based around sorcery, the eternal recursion goes something like this.

  • The earth comes to an end, a powerful sorcerer keeps slaves in cages.
  • A Slave with the power of Librom rises up and defeats the sorcerer
  • The world is recreated
  • The world goes on for many years
  • Over time the slave who sacrificed the sorcerer assumes the personality of the sorcerer
  • The world comes to an end as the sorcerer once again controls everything
  • He is once again defeated and the cycles continues.

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Why Open-world PVP needs to be regulated.

This is something which has been bothering me for a long time now. For the past few months I have been back playing SWTOR (The star wars MMO) and the open-world PVP system in the game drives me crazy. Essentially the only rules are you have to be in outside of designated safe areas (such as bases and towns) and you cant engage people of your own faction. Sounds simple enough and given a perfect world it should make the game overall more interesting, unfortunately if a system is open to abuse someone will abuse it.

The easiest way to voice my frustration with the system is to talk about how people abuse the system. There are areas at max level which are used by players to gain credits and do so called ‘Daily’ quests, these areas are contested and as such conflict can occur. Most of the time a kind of psuedo cease-fire exists which allows players to get on with these quests. This brings me to Vezz, Vezz is a player who goes to this area EVERYDAY and kill players. He will do this for hours in a day multiple days of the week, to make things worse he plays an incredibly slippery class and picks only fights he knows he can win. At this point there are 2 main arguments which justify what he does.

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Shape Insurrection – Level 2 takes shape.

Ive started work on lvl 2, so far I havent had issues following my paper plans. Hopefully can finish the next room tonight then get to work on adding in the additional stuff. There will be a chest in room 2 (visible via spotlight from the starting point) containing a necessary upgrade to get past the archer in the next room. The only lighting present in the large room is currently in the underground areas, the above are is dark and hard to navigate.

Everything together

Everything together

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Shape Insurrection – Video update 2, level 1 mostly finished

This is the first level, mostly finished with a few minor bugs. Its meant to be easy and simple to allow the player to figure out how the game works. Only 1 kind of enemy exists here, the shield-bashers. I am deciding currently whether the ladder will lead directly to the next level or simply load it and reposition the player. If I allow it to lead directly I can have multiple levels loaded at once and the player can ‘fall’ down levels.